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Central Ave Hat: Local Yarn & Local Designer

Hats, Hats, Hats! Who could ask for a better summer knitting project than a HAT or in my case SIX hats! Hats are a great traveling summer project! You need to knit only one, no partner is needed. Hats are small, and not hot on your lap. You can challenge yourself and learn a new technique on a small project instead of a sweater.  Need to learn and explore cables there is no short supply of hats designs with cables.  Want to learn color work, twisted sts, texture work . . . the list goes on and what better way to explore a new design/technique while knitting up a hat for yourself or a gift for some knit worthy fan.

Earlier in the summer I knitted two Coming Home hats. I fell in love with this great pattern for several reason.

I have a niece with three young girls who are all very knit worthy gals! They wear everything I have knitted to the point of almost sleeping in what I have knitted.  Not only do they wear all the knitted items, I get great photos with them wearing everything and t…

Mornings on the Tundra

August 17, 2016
If you have been following me for anytime you may have figured out I am a morning person.  I love getting up at 5:00 a.m., heading down stairs to set up the dog food, get the girls out for a short little business trip, back inside, feed the girls, sit down with my cup of coffee and the computer. This routine is mine and I own it!  I cherish the fact, I can do this and love that I can do this consistently.  Once I have checked that the world is still out there . . . since I live about 400 air miles north-west (this means you can only get here by air, dogsled or barge--NO ROADS) from Anchorage checking on my world has some meaning for me.  I check out the knitting world and rarely news at this point in the day.

For example this morning is the first morning that the dogs need their glow stick collars as I call them.  They are not glow sticks but they have that look to them.  The moon is just about full or is full, will need to look on a moon chart. Soon I will need a hea…

Time for a Change

Blogger Every once and awhile I feel I need to change the old blog.  Possibly move to a different blog server, change everything, start over, oh the list goes on . . . I was going to move over to Word Press for a few reasons and then I said what for!? You know this format just change up the template go for a bit of a newer look and stay put!  Good, bad or indifferent here I am blogger to stay put for some time!  "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality is in full swing here!

Work is about to start up here full time once again and the summer holidays will draw to a close.  A new school year full of ups downs and a ton of work.  I am about to have a class this year get this 16 boys and 3 yes just 3 girls!  I am excited, they are a fun group full of energy going every direction!  My challenge is to heard that energy along a positive learning path.

Tundra & Beach Life  We are back home on the tundra and beach.  This time of the year is when you wish the dang wind …

Hardware Stores!

I love a good old fashioned hardware store!  I am not talking Home Depot or Lowe's I mean a hardware store a REAL one!  Along the Kootenay lake in British Columbia there is a classic good old hardware store!  Grey Creek Store is a treasure and I hope it never changes!  We always make a point of stopping if we are driving by this treasure!

Reverse Migration North

Highlights from our reverse migration north . . . I am on a bit of blog blitz here just wanting to get myself up to date!  This post is a photo essay of sorts. Photos are not in order at all!