Knitting, Mitten & Sock Blockers

Summer time knitting is always a treat! I often have a sweater on my needles, but this season I am finishing up smaller projects. These projects were either on the needles or were requested.  I usually like to knit larger projects, but I have been having a blast with all my smaller knitting projects this summer.

Mitten & Sock Blockers

The other knitting accessory I have wanted for years has been a set of mitten and sock blockers.  I went on Etsy and found some with excellent reviews by: Squire Country Crafts.  These blockers have excellent craftsmanship, smooth, and well constructed.  I look forward to using them.

Kokkeluri Mittens

Kate DaviesKokkeluri Mittens are one of the projects currently on my needles.  This project has been a hoot and a great one to remind an experienced knitter like myself of the endless mistakes one can make while knitting!

Let me start with reading the directions correctly!  At which point for some reason I thought I needed to knit these mittens on a US DPN size 1 when the pattern clearly suggests a US 2.  I knitted a left mitten and thought "man Kate has small hands there is NO WAY this mitten will fit me even after blocking."  I frogged the mitten and re-knitted it with some added rows . . . tried it on again and thought, "What the heck again way to small!"  Now somewhere along the line I decided to change colors another huge mistake!  I frogged again!  Oh but before frogging the third time and starting the mitten the third time I realized . . . I WAS USING THE WRONG SIZE NEEDLES!   Oh knitting my most humbling friend!

The only lame excuse I could come up with for all these foolish errors was I was trying to knit these during ski racing season!

Once I got the right size needles, gave up on a different color combo my life got easier! I am now just finishing up the left hand thumb and hope to later today caston for the right mitten.

My dear knitting, hiking, biking, skiing, and relaxing buddy: Sadie.  We are both soaking up the morning sunshine in the side garden.
Morning sun, Sadie, coffee and a great project on the needles.

Love this photo showing mitten progress inside my house with yes a down jacket on in July!  Oh the joys of a Montana summer.


woolyjooly said…
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woolyjooly said…
Omg - is it really that cold in MT? We are sweltering in MN (well HAVE been). I really enjoy your blog. Sadie is ADORABLE; and the mittens are lovely.
knitski said…
Not sure how your comment was posted twice but I just took the repeat off. Thanks for stopping by!