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Knitting, Mitten & Sock Blockers

Summer time knitting is always a treat! I often have a sweater on my needles, but this season I am finishing up smaller projects. These projects were either on the needles or were requested.  I usually like to knit larger projects, but I have been having a blast with all my smaller knitting projects this summer.

Mitten & Sock Blockers The other knitting accessory I have wanted for years has been a set of mitten and sock blockers.  I went on Etsy and found some with excellent reviews by: Squire Country Crafts.  These blockers have excellent craftsmanship, smooth, and well constructed.  I look forward to using them.

Kokkeluri MittensKate DaviesKokkeluri Mittens are one of the projects currently on my needles.  This project has been a hoot and a great one to remind an experienced knitter like myself of the endless mistakes one can make while knitting!

Let me start with reading the directions correctly!  At which point for some reason I thought I needed to knit these mittens on a US…

China . . . Really, I traveled with a day pack full of CHINA!

For years I would travel to visit my mother with a backpack.  She would pick me up at the airport and say things like, "When are you ever going to travel with a suitcase like a normal person?"  "Still with a backpack!" "You know they make nicer suitcases today." To this, "A backpack is easier to spot in all the regular luggage."  I will admit over the years we now travel with North Face duffel bags that are water-proof and do hold up well to travel abuses.  We have had these bags for about 15 years.  The oldest bag does have a few worn spots, but nothing that duct tape can not take care off!

Recently we were back east for a family visit.  My sister and I went through some of our mom's china/dishes and a bit of silver.  Then I had to figure out how to hand carry all these fragile treasures.  I wrapped all of it up in plastic and bubble wrap and placed it inside a stuff sack and then into my light weight older Dana day pack.  I was able to car…