We had an absolutely fantastic drive south this spring. It was pretty drizzly at some point most days but overall it was a great drive south. One of the things, I look forward to is seeing the night sky dark and full of stars on our drive south.  Just before we leave the village you can no longer see the night stars as it just isn't dark enough.  We go to bed in full daylight and awake to full daylight.  I really miss the night sky and STARS!  I find it rather uncomfortable but at least I still sleep like a rock. We took 9 days to drive the approximately 2,400 miles to our front door.  I now call this drive "The World's Longest Driveway!"  I love the drive through the Yukon and British Columbia--nothing but stellar country to explore!  I am just going to post photos below with captions of some of my favorite parts of the "Reverse Migration."

We fly out of Unalakleet to Anchorage first.  This flight is just under 400 miles.  We then pick up our rig and stay with a long time dear friend for a few days.  Our dogs need to get their travel papers to enter Canada. 

Here is Tally trying her best at 68 pounds to fit into a dog bed made for about a 12 pound dog.  Just proving that our dogs do in fact love their dog beds.
If Tally wasn't bad enough here is 78 pound Sadie trying her best to fit into this little bed!
In the Yukon at one of the provincial campgrounds.  We love their huge picnic tables and roomy campsites. I love knitting at a camp fire!
Muncho Lake which has several great campgrounds. Working on a pair of socks out of PDS Yarn.

Tally who can never say NO to a stick and water!
Another great campground in the Yukon. 

Sock progress.

Traveling . . . dog style they get the back seat.
Lunch on the road.
Sometimes in unlikely places like Fort Nelson you meet up with a long time friend. I coached her two boys in cross-country skiing in the 80s.  
Buddies they love each other and just snuggle up for the daily drive.
Snow on the way up Pink Mountain!
Dinner prep.
Miss Sadie my buddy!

These photos are from a place we have got to ski at some winter.  I wrote about this spot last year as well and I just might have to retire here!  We just love the look and feel!

Hot Mocha and a fire  . . .Bliss!  
This is a great campground--Bear Creek!  Plus they had Loons!

Dogs trying to hide from mosquitos!
Toasting dawn, loons, and coffee!
Spring growth is always a nice treat to see green after an Alaskan winter.
We always enjoy checking out the smaller ski areas on the drive.

Ancient cedar forest

Miette Hot Springs is always such a treat!

Heading out from Miette we saw this young cub and mom on the road.
Front step home!  I have a front porch now!  It is still in the works but I can sit here and read, write, knit, relax and enjoy life!


shandy said…
Extraordinary! wW have to travel 350 miles to reach our second home - takes us seven hours - and we feel wrecked after that. I can't imagine doing that day after day. Enjoy your hols!