DOGS: The crazy things we do!

June 7, 2016


That is me and "My Boy"  he is awesome!
I love spending time with him! June 6th.
My name is Tally and I am writing this post to explain a very bad thing I did yesterday!  I am part Weimaraner and they often say this breed has anxiety issues with separation. Let me tell you it is true and sometimes Nancy one of my owners calls me a "Nervous Nellie" when "My Boy" leaves!  My Boy is a grown man named Christian, we really are a pair and I think he is the best!  He drove off yesterday and didn't take me along. Nancy held me by my collar a bit and then let me go!  I ran to the fence gate and then to the neighbor's gate as our yards are open.  Our neighbor is putting in a fence between our yards.  I being the smart dog saw the opening and took off like lightening after "My Boy" in his truck down an extremely busy road!

Later it was reported to Nancy that I was running right down the middle of this very busy road chasing after a scent or something.  I stopped traffic and it was reported by 2 kids that I almost caused a few accidents.

Meanwhile, Nancy was running after me and saw a bike rider who when asked said I was in fact running down the road and he did see me.  The nice bike rider stopped and I think if Nancy would have asked he would have gone back for me.  Nancy ran to the house for a leash Sadie the now perfect dog who doesn't do things like this as Nancy is "Her Girl" and she was at home!  Plus her phone to hopefully call the police as she ran for me.

As Nancy got to the back gate there I was panting.  It was over 90ºF and at 1:00 p.m.  I was at the gate!  I gave up on the chase turned around on this busy road and ran home right down the busy road.  A nice lady in a black van with 2 kids followed me to Nancy.

I had a bloody foot from running on the pavement, but I was home.  I got lots of hugs and pets and WATER!  Then the dreaded dog bootie came out and was placed on my foot.  Damn! I hate those booties and never thought I would have to wear one in SUMMER geash WINTER is bad enough. I did hurt my foot a bit but mostly I was really hot from running around like a crazy dog after "My Boy!"

I really scared Nancy.  Christian was so relieved nothing happened to me. Sadie said, "You are such a fool Tally!  Really when are you going to mellow out girl!"

Nancy quickly got my bloody foot covered and it stopped bleeding right away.
She gave me cold water to drink, cooled me off with the hose and let me rest on my towel.
Man did I rest until "My Boy" came home to me like always!

My paw is doing well now on Friday, June 10th.  Nancy and Christian have learned that if you put moleskin over an injured paw pad and place the paw in a mushing bootie dog paws will heal fast.  We all live in a very remote place in Alaska with no vet.

The two people who love us have learned several tricks like this to keep us healthy when we get hurt.  Last night I went for a short slow mountain bike ride and did great.

Sadie reminded me several times to quit being such a spaz about things. She often thinks she is so much wiser than me just because she is a year older.  Sadie was a rescue dog.  She came from a great humane society in Roundup, Montana called RimRock Humane Society and at times she will tell me stories that make my hair stand up on end. The point being we have it made so relax you Nervous Nellie!

This little letter was inspired by Bruce, Kate Davies' dog.

Happy Paws to all get outside and play,