Coming Home Hat

The Coming Home Hat was a fantastic knit!  Well designed/written pattern, easy to follow, knitted with rich colored super wash PDS yarn that is hand dyed all help to create a great finished project. I really enjoy a great fitting hat as I seem to spend most of any given year in a hat. I don't live in the warmest places and prefer higher elevations or higher latitudes thus the reason for hats.

I have waited a long time for this front porch and it is almost done.  Evening knitting is a great reward to any day full of fun.
Great texture on this hat to keep any knitter happy and engaged.  
Front porch knitting . . . BLISS!
Since, I am home in Montana the of this hat added to the perfect knit. The other design feature that caught my eye is  lower head band as the design reminds me of trees.  After 10 months on the tundra trees are a wonderful treasure that I cherish when I am back amongst them in Montana.

Coming Home Hat in Action

This is turning into our traditional Father's Day hike.  A nice short hike up into a lake in the northern Whitefish Range. It was wet, damp and a bit cool.
Stellar model pose haha! In my hand I have a pair of Kate Davies Pawkies fingerless mitts knitted in Kate's yarn.
My Sadie and I heading up the trail.


Link Lake, Tally and I knitting away on a pair of plain old socks with PDS sock yarn.
"The Girls

My Father In Law who we all try to keep up with.  He still skis, hikes, works and is nothing but a legend at 80.  He loves to be out and about and never sits around doing nothing.
Happy Father's Day!


shandy said…
Lovely colour yarn for that hat! I was amazed when you said four miles uphill on you recent hike. We have been doing some climbing recently, but our hills are on a much smaller scale.