Alpine Biome

One of my favorite Biomes on our planet is the Alpine Biome.  That transitional region from treeline scrub to no trees.  This is the region I am drawn to when hiking in the summer.  The plant life, flowers, lichen are all there and I just love being able to enjoy their world.

Yesterday, we had a great day up north in the Whitefish Range, close to the Canadian border.  Our hike went mostly UPHILL along a ridge line.  If we were to continue on this hike we would have made a loop around a basin.  We hiked UP about 4 miles and had our picnic and then came back down on the same trail.

Looking into Glacier National Park from the northern part of the Whitefish Range.

Heading UP!

Having a serious girl talk about lunch when, where, and how about NOW!
Breaking out of the treeline.
Heading up snow . . . I just love being back on snow!

Tally tearing up the SNOW!  She is in heaven!
I love this photo all 4 paws are in the air!
The transition from treeline to alpine world I love . . .
Sadie oh so serious.

Sadie just soaking up the sun before the descent.
Always time for a snow bath and some R&R when hiking.

Traversing an avalanche shoot.
Indian Paint Brush
Indian Paint Brush
Trail side colors
Miss Sadie calling it an end to the adventure.  A nice cooling soak and drink.
Below is just a bit of info I googled about the Alpine Biome.  Krummholz is the term for this region I remember from a science class. I always love how the word sounded.