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Coming Home Hat

The Coming Home Hat was a fantastic knit!  Well designed/written pattern, easy to follow, knitted with rich colored super wash PDS yarn that is hand dyed all help to create a great finished project. I really enjoy a great fitting hat as I seem to spend most of any given year in a hat. I don't live in the warmest places and prefer higher elevations or higher latitudes thus the reason for hats.

Since, I am home in Montana the of this hat added to the perfect knit. The other design feature that caught my eye is  lower head band as the design reminds me of trees.  After 10 months on the tundra trees are a wonderful treasure that I cherish when I am back amongst them in Montana.

Coming Home Hat in Action This is turning into our traditional Father's Day hike.  A nice short hike up into a lake in the northern Whitefish Range. It was wet, damp and a bit cool.

Tossing out a Knitting Project

It doesn't happen often but once in awhile one needs to say:
I don't like this yarn! I certainly don't like the project, I picked for this yarn and the whole 9 yards needs to go AWAY!
That happened all within 48 hours.  I really tried to make it all work, but in the end I said, "Yarn I am selling you on Ravelry and pattern you are getting set aside for another day!"  
The best part is I posted this yarn for sale and within minutes a person contacted me wanting to buy the whole lot if the price was good.  Good price oh you bet this stuff needs to depart from my house pronto!  The yarn sold!  
The sense of freedom is amazing!
The yarn was Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. I actually like the yarn.  The issue is I have been knitting worsted and unspun Icelandic and this yarn is anorexic by comparison.  I was not in the mood to get gauge and I really did try!  I even went to a friends house and found DPN the right size for a gauge!  She was at work and I snoped aroun…

Alpine Biome

One of my favorite Biomes on our planet is the Alpine Biome.  That transitional region from treeline scrub to no trees.  This is the region I am drawn to when hiking in the summer.  The plant life, flowers, lichen are all there and I just love being able to enjoy their world.

Yesterday, we had a great day up north in the Whitefish Range, close to the Canadian border.  Our hike went mostly UPHILL along a ridge line.  If we were to continue on this hike we would have made a loop around a basin.  We hiked UP about 4 miles and had our picnic and then came back down on the same trail.

DOGS: The crazy things we do!

June 7, 2016


My name is Tally and I am writing this post to explain a very bad thing I did yesterday!  I am part Weimaraner and they often say this breed has anxiety issues with separation. Let me tell you it is true and sometimes Nancy one of my owners calls me a "Nervous Nellie" when "My Boy" leaves!  My Boy is a grown man named Christian, we really are a pair and I think he is the best!  He drove off yesterday and didn't take me along. Nancy held me by my collar a bit and then let me go!  I ran to the fence gate and then to the neighbor's gate as our yards are open.  Our neighbor is putting in a fence between our yards.  I being the smart dog saw the opening and took off like lightening after "My Boy" in his truck down an extremely busy road!

Later it was reported to Nancy that I was running right down the middle of this very busy road chasing after a scent or something.  I stopped traffic and it was reported by 2 kids that I almost caused …


We had an absolutely fantastic drive south this spring. It was pretty drizzly at some point most days but overall it was a great drive south. One of the things, I look forward to is seeing the night sky dark and full of stars on our drive south.  Just before we leave the village you can no longer see the night stars as it just isn't dark enough.  We go to bed in full daylight and awake to full daylight.  I really miss the night sky and STARS!  I find it rather uncomfortable but at least I still sleep like a rock. We took 9 days to drive the approximately 2,400 miles to our front door.  I now call this drive "The World's Longest Driveway!"  I love the drive through the Yukon and British Columbia--nothing but stellar country to explore!  I am just going to post photos below with captions of some of my favorite parts of the "Reverse Migration."
We fly out of Unalakleet to Anchorage first.  This flight is just under 400 miles.  We then pick up our rig and stay…