The Light at The End of The Tunnel, Holiday, Vacation . . . Bliss, Freedom, Yahoooooo!

It is that time of the year all teachers look forward to and all kids look forward to 

I actually like prefer the word HOLIDAY over VACATION as it just sounds more appealing and downright BETTER than vacation.  On Wednesday afternoon I will be on HOLIDAY for 3 months . . . let the reverse migration start.  For now, I am still enjoying my northern latitude home and life.

This little collection of photos is from March '16.  Our ski season was shorter this year and I only was able to get in 102 days of skiing.  I always have a goal of 100 days on skis but would love to hit 125 in a perfect winter.
I started a pair of Kate Davies' fingerless mitts called Pawkies.  This is a fast knit.  I have one mitt done but need to get a better photo outside to show the colors better as her Buachaille yarn is wonderful! Kate's Buachaille Yarn is rich in color, has a wonderful hand, and a joy to knit with--I highly recommend the splurge!

As normal, I have a pair of socks on the needles.  This colorway is Whiskey Spring from my favorite local yarn shop in Montana: Polka Dot Sheep 

The Unspun Icelandic Wool Sweater is done! Off the needles, blocked, and worn! To read more about this Lopi design go back to this previous post. I need an outside photo of this sweater.

I do love how the colors came together and the neck.  The neck is a folded over and then a sewn down cast-off.  This method, I feel gives the most stretch/elastic to a neck.

Miss Sadie on the tundra a few weeks ago. 
Recently, we have been having huge dramatic clouds with little rain.  We did just have a few nights of rain which was really needed.  The tundra has been very dry and crisp.
This flower is known as the "Wooly Lousewort" or "bumble bee flower".  It is blooming all over our tundra at present.  It is such a wonderful treat to finally see something that isn't just various shades of brown!

My morning walks have been wonderful and I am so glad I have moved out of the gym.  Sadie and I walk 2 miles every morning just to get the blood flowing.  When we started walking I would wear a headlamp.  It was dark at the start and finish of our walks. We now have over 18 hours of sunlight.  The sun is rising as we head out.  We get to enjoy the sunrise over the tundra. I love it! Below is the slough that we cross to ski in the winter.  The snowfence is where we run most of our elementary ski practices.  In the distance you can see the fog/mist rising up from the river and hills in the background (2nd photo).  On the other side of those hills is the Yukon River.

About 5:45 a.m. sun rise . . . not a bad way to start the morning walk!
This is before 6 a.m.
Looking towards Unalakleet about 6:15 a.m. again looking s-w down the slough. 

There you have my northern world.  The summer HOLIDAY will soon start.  Time to relax and slow down . . . we will be heading south soon!


shandy said…
Great sweater, Nancy! Wonderful colours! Enjoy your break - how I remember that feeling!