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The Light at The End of The Tunnel, Holiday, Vacation . . . Bliss, Freedom, Yahoooooo!

It is that time of the year all teachers look forward to and all kids look forward to  SUMMER VACATION!
I actually like prefer the word HOLIDAY over VACATION as it just sounds more appealing and downright BETTER than vacation.  On Wednesday afternoon I will be on HOLIDAY for 3 months . . . let the reverse migration start.  For now, I am still enjoying my northern latitude home and life.

I started a pair of Kate Davies' fingerless mitts called Pawkies.  This is a fast knit.  I have one mitt done but need to get a better photo outside to show the colors better as her Buachaille yarn is wonderful! Kate's Buachaille Yarn is rich in color, has a wonderful hand, and a joy to knit with--I highly recommend the splurge!
As normal, I have a pair of socks on the needles.  This colorway is Whiskey Spring from my favorite local yarn shop in Montana: Polka Dot Sheep 

The Unspun Icelandic Wool Sweater is done! Off the needles, blocked, and worn! To read more about this Lopi design go back to …