All winter long, well actually since October, I head to the gym at school with my trusted buddy Sadie.  I use an elliptical machine, a balance board, and do sit-ups and yoga.  I do this 5 days a week unless there was a basketball tournament. I stay away from the gym like the plague if there is basketball tournament.  The afternoons, I ski and thus that is my little routine.

I have switched to walking in the mornings and then a walk after school since the snow has departed early this year.  The early morning walks are with Sadie.  I am still wearing a head lamp.  During my morning workouts and walk I listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

My favorite podcaster is Louise Scollay who has a blog for her podcast full of great information. I really enjoy Knit_British for several reasons. Louise loves 100% real wool, has a wide variety of knitting people on her podcasts, and Louise covers a wide variety of topics.  As I walk in the early hours, I listen to Knit_British and feel like I have a like minded knitting partner out here on the "edge of nowhere."  I also just love wooly Scotland!

This is going to change soon as our daylight hours just broke 15 sun filled hours. The change is fast and stunning.  I find, I like the darkness more than the increasing daylight. I have no problem going to sleep in full on daylight and waking up to it either.  The sunshine is intense and seems never ending.

Back to walking . . . the village we live in only has one road leaving the place so walking at times is to be honest is a bit boring on the road in the mornings!  We also have the beach but that is full of a lot of dead things and it is not a relaxing walk with the dogs, although it is beautiful! Walking the paved road and then dirt road is not that interesting.  We do see foxes once in awhile or wake up the dogs in the dog yards. Nothing like howling sled dogs before 6 a.m..  Sadie walks very proudly as if saying, "I am free, I am not a dog on a stick, I don't have to pull anyone, I am on a walk!" as she prances by the dog yards.

What I never tirer of are the glorious sunrises over the tundra.  The colors are amazing and just bring the land to life.  We still have ice on the slough and river so we get some great reflections from the sky on the ice.

This was yesterday's sunrise.  Ice on the slough with boats waiting to be returned to the river.  Not bad since the photo was taken with my phone. I will try to get some photos that actually show the intense beauty of our northern skies.
Afternoon dog walk with Tally.  A brown tundra that is still a bit frozen.  That photos was taken towards the north-east. 
Jumping into spring!  I do carry bear spray as the big ol'bears are out and about.  We did have 4 dogs with us and I wasn't alone.  Always better safe than sorry!
The Village of Unalakleet.  The sea ice is just about gone. The sloughs and river are still covered in ice with overflow covering the ice in most places.