Tundra Dust & Unspun Icelandic Wool

Brown spring Tundra and Unalakleet River Ice still in place
I love living on the Alaskan tundra!  The plant life is amazing, the tundra is full of rich colorful lichen.  This year the tundra has not turned colorful yet. Everything is still brown and covered in dust close to the road. Our days now have  over 15 hours of daylight.  Actually, we have more than that as sunrises and sunsets are very exaggerated.  No rain has come through yet and we are a rather brown place.

The "Girls" ejoying the stick pull on the still brown tundra.
Nothing like an afternoon romp with your best buddy!
The migratory birds are just starting to return.  I have seen ducks but nothing else yet.  We will have swans, cranes, geese, and ducks returning.  These birds will be flying even further north if they make it pass the villages and not into freezers.  Spring is bird season here and everyone will be out hunting birds.  I do find this strange but they have a bird season in the spring and fall.

River ice is still in place and hasn't departed.  I would think this weekend the river ice will break-up and headed out to sea.

I really do appreciate the rhythm of the seasons and how life revolves around these changes.

Lopi Sweater:

My sweater is coming right along.  I am enjoying knitting with unspun wool.  I have found it easy to knit with and even enjoy knitting from a cake of yarn.  I am after a closer fitting sweater than I usually knit.  I am a little leary how this one will come out!  I am trying it on as I go to make sure I am knitting up a wearable piece.  Plus, I measure, measure, measure as I knit along.  So far everything seems to me working out well!

Lopi sweater knitted with unspun Icelandic wool which I must admit I really am enjoying!