The END of another Ski Season!

Most of our elementary skiers wrapping up another great year of skiing with kids!
Our ski season has come to an end . . . all the ski races for the kids are over.  Last weekend we hosted the elementary race with 3 visiting teams from our school district. We all had a blast and the slough stayed frozen with little water on top of it, which made crossing it safe and dry.  All our skiers did well on racing but the lack of skiable terrain is certainly causes us not to perform as well as the coach would like to see or hopeful.  That would be me!  We need a lot more distance work but there is next year!

Just a few photos:

Ski coach knitting on the way home from or ski race in Galena which is the off road state championships.
Skiers heading over to the race course and notice the lack of snow!
Skiers getting a ride across the slough and a bit of the water over the top of the ice.  We ski mostly on a snow fence. The fence is in the background and we call it the Dragon's Back.
Elementary Ski Race Friday April 7th, under a huge blue sky and sunshine!
Ski Fans!
Racers on course. 

Older skiers at Galena and it was dumping!  Snow falling straight down with trees around is just perfect in my books!  A treat for me as we usually have howling winds and snow. 
An up and coming star from Nome!  Not only is she a great skier/athlete but just the nicest kid ever!
Another wonderful skier and kid!  I really enjoy this young gal . . . another very special kiddo!