Sweater: Stryta

Just an update on my unspun Icelandic wool sweater. 

(Yes there should be an accent over the "y" but I can not get the trusty old computer to do this for a "y"---why who knows!)

I have really grown to like this fiber.  It is far tougher than one would ever think.  It knits up well and yes it does break once in awhile but you just spit-splice it right back together.  I am very curious to see this sweater blocked and to see how the yarn blossoms.

The body--I have about a half inch to go on this part of the sweater.
Of course a sleeve.  Both sleeves are just waiting to meet up with the body.
I did add three sets of short rows to the back of the sweater.  My favorite technique for short rows is the German Short Rows.  These method is the easiest to do create without any weird gaping holes and funky looking spots within the knitted fabric.  I highly recommend learning this technique to have in your arsenal of "knitting ins and outs."  The fit I am trying for is a bit  closer and not so loose.  I am knitting a large but with the unspun my gauge is different from the pattern 4 sts to an inch.  This is never a concern for me as I use EZ's percentage system, measure often and try on the garment. I can adjust as needed.  I have added two sets of  increases as well as I am knitting the body. When I get closer to joining up all the parts i will figure out if I need to increase or decrease to get to the pattern repeat.


shandy said…
That is such a vibrant colour! I am amazed by your descriptions of a brown spring landscape. Here, the trees are greening up and there is blossom everywhere, not to mention daffodils and tulips. However, your beach walk looked remarkably similar to our beach walk along the Solway coast in North West Cumbria.
knitski said…
Thanks Shandy: We are now just getting a bit of rain. I would hardly call it real rain but some little showers. Things will now starting to green up. We had such little snow and then what snow we had just melted away so fast. The normal green of the tundra just hasn't happened yet.