I mentioned Skijoring in a previous post and was asked a few questions. Mainly, I was asked "What is Skijoring?"  Here is a post to explain Skijoring!

Skijoring requires a person on skis and one who does in fact know how to ski well.  A dog which loves to pull that wears a harness to pull with! 

This the waist belt that I use for skijoring.
Quick release from me to my dog that I can pull one-handed.
The brand of the waistbelt I use for skijoring.
Here is one of the lines we use and the thicker part has the bungee cord.  
Also the human needs to wear a harness and the line from the dog to the upright person has a bungee cord section.  Please note just because your dog might be some kind of a dog that should pull doesn't mean they will like to pull, be willing to pull, or enjoy ski poles and skis around them . . . so it all does take patiences, skills and training.

We have two dogs and one enjoys pulling and is actually pretty good at joring.  The other one "person-jores" Sadie usually just trots along behind me!  She isn't interested in skijoring at all.  She will pull if her and Tally are together side by side, but actually Tally does most of the work.  Sadie only pulls one direction.  She will pull me eagerly from the west side of the slough across to the Dragon's Back (where we hold ski practices) if there are a bunch of kids over at our meeting place.  Other than that she is convinced she is above this activity!

My husband wears a climbing harness for skijoring and I have a simpler harness/waistbelt.  Both harnesses have a quick-release hook for the upright to pull if needed.  I have never used it but appreciate knowing I have one on my waist belt.  Tally knows the word STOP and this is a must for me in skijoring.
These photos are from our friends up north who are serious skijorers.  Mallory is on the right and she is an amazing kid!  She lives a life full of outdoor adventure with her family.  The two adults actually just skijored from Unalakleet to Nome during the Iditarod.
Two adult skijores in Nome visiting Mal and her dad Keith out for a skijor.  There is an article in the Nome Nugget but I can not find the correct issue (March 2016). 
Sadie doing ok joring here but she really isn't a huge fan of this activity. 
Christian and Tally enjoying a skijor.
Keith up in Nome skijoring with friends. 
Sadie in harness by Ruffwear. Ruffwear has updated and made improvements to their harnesses.  This one is older and still works just fine.  We ski over 100 days a year and our dogs wear this every day we ski.  We love the handle on it as we have had to use it often to grab or pull our dogs out of situations.  
This is the other harness we use and it is excellent as well.  You need to take measurements and and it is made to fit your dog. I can not seem to locate their website, but I did find their gear on pinterest. 

Some links for further reading on skijoring:

Mallory's Website with her story on skijoring.  Which gives great info as she has grown-up in this sport.

A wonderful resource which I highly recommend reading if you are interested in skijoring is Skijor With Your Dog.