Good Morning!

Morning is my time of day and I love to be left alone to enjoy my time! Some folks are night people something I can not understand at all, just like night people don't get morning people.  I know it is a genetic link somehow as my father was the before the crack of dawn guy. Nothing is better than that first cup of coffee early in the morning---just wonderful!

When in Montana it is great to be out on the deck or yard with my coffee, or sitting on a porch.  Our neighborhood is a great place as several of our neighbors will be out with coffee too. We might all visit together in some one's front yard looking at flowers or sitting on one of our porches. Speaking of porches, once back in Montana, I will have a new front porch not done but very close to being done!  I can not wait as last summer we were front-porch-less a horrible thing but on our way to new porch a great thing.

Back to mornings . . . This fall in October '15, I started my morning workouts up again at the school gym.  They are not huge workouts but consist of 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, situps from an APP, I use which is actually a great workout full of a wide variety of routines.   Then I follow it all up with a yoga routine which focuses on back stretching.

Sadie comes with me as I really don't like being in the gym alone.  Not to mention our school years ago was built on top of an old grave yard . . . I sure you get my drift!  Out here in a native village ghost are very real to the culture and I have heard some interesting ghost stories.  My workout buddy is Sadie who is half Akbash guardian dog!

Now that the roads are clear Sadie and sometimes Tally will join us for a 2 mile "Good Morning" walk out to my friend "Lynn's Sign."  Lynn has since retired and left the village but as I should say the "Lynn's Sign Post" is there but the sign is gone.  No one is up early here in the village just us!  I will add it is now bird season so there are a few hunters heading out to slay the returning migratory birds.

These early morning walks started with me wearing a headlamp and now I don't need to wear one at all.  We are currently at 16 hours and 46 minutes of daylight.  First sunlight is now 5:10 a.m. and last light is at 12:13 a.m.   The amount of daylight is fastly changing and to be honest it is nice but I get tired of so much light.  It doesn't really affect me at all. We go to sleep with the window open no shades pulled.  We fall asleep in a room full of light looking like noon and will soon be waking up to that amount  pouring into our window.  Others cover their windows, but I can not stand feeling closed in and I have no issue going to sleep.  Sunrise and sunset are stellar, and much like the northern lights, I never tire of see what Mother Nature can paint.

Recent full moon 4/25 over the slough and village.  The ice in the slough and river have since departed to the ocean.
April 29th sunrise on morning walk.  Low tide on the slough and the ice has headed out.  In the far distance you can see the Nulato Hills and a fog bank to the south-west.
Looking east as the sunrises up over the Whale Back Mountains/hills, the slough and tundra.