Evening Beach Walk

This time of the year, I switch from skiing to walking.  It is always a bit of a tough transition as I would much rather ski than walk!  However, one must be outside no matter what and walking is just another way to enjoy the outside.  Last night, I was able to take the girls for a walk down the beach. This time of the year there is a lot of beach activity.  Due to the low amount of snow this year, the sea ice is already gone from close to shore. The ice in the mouth of the river emptied out yesterday. The Sound has some nice chunks of ice floating around.  The shore line has ice but some of that has now melted away.  People are out setting crab pots, and hunting for seal.  Boats are hauled down to the beach and left there until the river ice completely moves out. Then the boats will be moved over to the slough later for the rest of the ice free year.  We are all enjoying the warmer than normal weather.

Fire season starts early in Alaska compared to the lower 48.  I think Alaska will really have some serious fire issues this season because of our lack of snow.

Looking north toward Blueberry Hills.
Parts . . . nothing like a nice caribou head to greet you as you start your beach walk.  Our dogs love the wonderful variety of parts that litter the beach!
The last of the remaining winter ice along the shore line.
Old but whole starfish 

Yes that is a wonderful qiviut headband I have on my head!
Little Miss Tally with a wonderful spinal column.  Nothing like a good chew while on a beach walk!  She is so proud of it and really wants to bring it home . . . NO WAY!
Looking south and you can see more of the river ice that has made its way into Norton Sound. Boats which will be going out to set crab pots or for a seal hunt.