A Thank You Can Come With Many Legs

Yesterday, we headed out on the tundra for our daily "One must get out of away from the house & work and do something--thing!"  It is always nice to be out and nothing on the tundra is turning green yet as it is still below freezing at night.  I do look forward to plant life bursting into a wide variety of greens!  The tundra is still mostly frozen and walking on it is a dream right now.  One is not sinking/stepping in unknown holes up to their knees or higher at random.  Plus, the tundra is not very wet yet.

Right after work my stellar storage waxing team and I were able to get all the ski gear to sleep for the summer!  Waxed about 70 pairs of skis this week after school!
The band of snow up that drainage is one of our ski trails and we will be heading out to ski a few more times there today and Saturday!  It is so hard for me to call the ski season over.
My best and dearest!  Christian with Sadie.  In the background you can still see the river ice and see that the sea ice is gone for the most part. 
Dinner should up last night!  One of the ski families that ski with us dropped off two HUGE King Brown Crabs!  YUMMY!  They went right into the pot!
Many legs of thanks!
There is not a lot in the world that tastes better than this for dinner . . . well may be lobster!