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Good Morning!

Morning is my time of day and I love to be left alone to enjoy my time! Some folks are night people something I can not understand at all, just like night people don't get morning people.  I know it is a genetic link somehow as my father was the before the crack of dawn guy. Nothing is better than that first cup of coffee early in the morning---just wonderful!

When in Montana it is great to be out on the deck or yard with my coffee, or sitting on a porch.  Our neighborhood is a great place as several of our neighbors will be out with coffee too. We might all visit together in some one's front yard looking at flowers or sitting on one of our porches. Speaking of porches, once back in Montana, I will have a new front porch not done but very close to being done!  I can not wait as last summer we were front-porch-less a horrible thing but on our way to new porch a great thing.

Back to mornings . . . This fall in October '15, I started my morning workouts up again at the schoo…

Sweater: Stryta

Just an update on my unspun Icelandic wool sweater.

(Yes there should be an accent over the "y" but I can not get the trusty old computer to do this for a "y"---why who knows!)

I have really grown to like this fiber.  It is far tougher than one would ever think.  It knits up well and yes it does break once in awhile but you just spit-splice it right back together.  I am very curious to see this sweater blocked and to see how the yarn blossoms.

I did add three sets of short rows to the back of the sweater.  My favorite technique for short rows is the German Short Rows.  These method is the easiest to do create without any weird gaping holes and funky looking spots within the knitted fabric.  I highly recommend learning this technique to have in your arsenal of "knitting ins and outs."  The fit I am trying for is a bit  closer and not so loose.  I am knitting a large but with the unspun my gauge is different from the pattern 4 sts to an inch.  This is never…

Tundra Dust & Unspun Icelandic Wool

I love living on the Alaskan tundra!  The plant life is amazing, the tundra is full of rich colorful lichen.  This year the tundra has not turned colorful yet. Everything is still brown and covered in dust close to the road. Our days now have  over 15 hours of daylight.  Actually, we have more than that as sunrises and sunsets are very exaggerated.  No rain has come through yet and we are a rather brown place.

The migratory birds are just starting to return.  I have seen ducks but nothing else yet.  We will have swans, cranes, geese, and ducks returning.  These birds will be flying even further north if they make it pass the villages and not into freezers.  Spring is bird season here and everyone will be out hunting birds.  I do find this strange but they have a bird season in the spring and fall.

River ice is still in place and hasn't departed.  I would think this weekend the river ice will break-up and headed out to sea.

I really do appreciate the rhythm of the seasons and how…

Drip Castles

Anyone remember making drip castles?  Today on our dog/beach walk I came across drip castles that were being formed by melting chunks of sea ice.  These chunks of ice get attached to the ocean floor and in storms they are often flipped over. The ice chunks land on the beach so the mud is on the top.  Today is the first time I have seen  drip castles being formed from melting ice and sand/mud.


I mentioned Skijoring in a previous post and was asked a few questions. Mainly, I was asked "What is Skijoring?"  Here is a post to explain Skijoring!

Skijoring requires a person on skis and one who does in fact know how to ski well.  A dog which loves to pull that wears a harness to pull with! 
NEVER EVER DOES A DOG PULL WITH A COLLAR A HARNESS IS A MUST! Also the human needs to wear a harness and the line from the dog to the upright person has a bungee cord section.  Please note just because your dog might be some kind of a dog that should pull doesn't mean they will like to pull, be willing to pull, or enjoy ski poles and skis around them . . . so it all does take patiences, skills and training.

We have two dogs and one enjoys pulling and is actually pretty good at joring.  The other one "person-jores" Sadie usually just trots along behind me!  She isn't interested in skijoring at all.  She will pull if her and Tally are together side by side, but actuall…


All winter long, well actually since October, I head to the gym at school with my trusted buddy Sadie.  I use an elliptical machine, a balance board, and do sit-ups and yoga.  I do this 5 days a week unless there was a basketball tournament. I stay away from the gym like the plague if there is basketball tournament.  The afternoons, I ski and thus that is my little routine.

I have switched to walking in the mornings and then a walk after school since the snow has departed early this year.  The early morning walks are with Sadie.  I am still wearing a head lamp.  During my morning workouts and walk I listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

My favorite podcaster is Louise Scollay who has a blog for her podcast full of great information. I really enjoy Knit_British for several reasons. Louise loves 100% real wool, has a wide variety of knitting people on her podcasts, and Louise covers a wide variety of topics.  As I walk in the early hours, I listen to Knit_British and feel like I have a lik…

A Thank You Can Come With Many Legs

Yesterday, we headed out on the tundra for our daily "One must get out of away from the house & work and do something--thing!"  It is always nice to be out and nothing on the tundra is turning green yet as it is still below freezing at night.  I do look forward to plant life bursting into a wide variety of greens!  The tundra is still mostly frozen and walking on it is a dream right now.  One is not sinking/stepping in unknown holes up to their knees or higher at random.  Plus, the tundra is not very wet yet.

Evening Beach Walk

This time of the year, I switch from skiing to walking.  It is always a bit of a tough transition as I would much rather ski than walk!  However, one must be outside no matter what and walking is just another way to enjoy the outside.  Last night, I was able to take the girls for a walk down the beach. This time of the year there is a lot of beach activity.  Due to the low amount of snow this year, the sea ice is already gone from close to shore. The ice in the mouth of the river emptied out yesterday. The Sound has some nice chunks of ice floating around.  The shore line has ice but some of that has now melted away.  People are out setting crab pots, and hunting for seal.  Boats are hauled down to the beach and left there until the river ice completely moves out. Then the boats will be moved over to the slough later for the rest of the ice free year.  We are all enjoying the warmer than normal weather.

Fire season starts early in Alaska compared to the lower 48.  I think Alaska will…

The END of another Ski Season!

Our ski season has come to an end . . . all the ski races for the kids are over.  Last weekend we hosted the elementary race with 3 visiting teams from our school district. We all had a blast and the slough stayed frozen with little water on top of it, which made crossing it safe and dry.  All our skiers did well on racing but the lack of skiable terrain is certainly causes us not to perform as well as the coach would like to see or hopeful.  That would be me!  We need a lot more distance work but there is next year!

Just a few photos: