UpDate: Winter

I will be honest this has been a rather crappy winter here in Alaska.  We have not had much snow, stormy weather, or anything that is wintery.  We have been skiing on a 1.25K loop 98% of the time.  How the kids manage to think this is fun is beyond me and how I manage to maintain skiing as fun is beyond me as well!  REALLY going around a snow fence since December  and it is now March . . . I give us all a lot of credit!

Back in December I took one of our older skiers an alumni into World Jr. Trials for Biathlon in Anchorage.  This was a big time race for this small time coach but we did have a blast.  Aly did very well and has made huge growth working in a more formal program with skiers her age/level.

I have always considered a ski program successful if once the skiers leave the program that still ski on some level.  I am glad to see several of our skiers still skiing.

Here are some photos from the Trials:

Aly on day one and please note the snow in the background. Anchorage had far less snow than us. 

Day three of racing and we all felt like we were trying to out race the disappearing snow coverage.  Mind you this a mixture natural and man made snow.

A few of my coaching cohorts!  A great group to work with and always helpful!
On the range sighting rifles . . .