Unspun Icelandic Wool: Can you say "Lets FROG more than we KNIT!"

If you go to this post you can read about this fiber/wool called Unspun Icelandic Wool.  Here you can see the start to this journey of my sweater. I bravely casted-on to start a sleeve and right away I found this unspun wool to be very nice to handle and pretty tough stuff.

The issue is the combo of needle size, pattern, lack of bold contrasting colors, and carrying too many colors in a round.  I would certainly say a personality flaw I have is jumping in with both feet, sinking into the abyss and then figuring how to pull my sorry arse out of the huge hole I dug for myself!  I am actually pretty good at this self rescue as I have been doing this for all of my life . . . the old saying of "live and learn" hmmmm!

My first go was with this pattern which is an older Lopi design.  I find myself drawn to these older classics.  This pattern can be found in Knitting with Icelandic Wool book by:Védís Jónsdóttir.  Which is a great resource for Lopi sweaters.  It is called Str´yta (not sure why the accent will not go over the "y").
Here is the sleeve which had a color issue.  There is white in the center of that pale grey only the grey is too pale and the white is barely noticeable. The next issue is I had to carry 3 colors which in double stranded Icelandic wool means 6 strands of unspun I am trying to carry along--not a pretty sight!
I frogged and picked this pattern from The Best of Lopi.  Another all time favorite of mine and a Lopi classic called Brigitte. The issue with this design was my colorway pick.  Once, I casted on for the sleeve there were more stranded issues, and the gauge was way off . . . back to rethinking this project out AGAIN! 
Here is the next sleeve.  This is when I realized again that I would be carrying to many strands, the colors were not bold enough and the sleeve was going to be too large.
The grey is totally getting washed out.  This is when I stopped to see how many rounds I would be carrying 3 colors which would be 6 strands of unspun and I slammed on the brakes!
Time to drop needle size, knit a swatch in the round, get gauge figured out, order some more yarn and move on to another project as I wait for my yarn to arrive.
My Lopi sweater is on hold until my yarn arrives most likely late this coming week.  I will be at a ski race in White Mountain. I hope to arrive home to some more unspun wool for my Lopi sweater.  Knitting always amazes me as I am able to make endless mistakes in knitting.  Over the years, knitting has really taught me to be patient with the mistakes, to figure them out, mess around a bit to solve the problem and then to "Knit-On" as EZ would say!

I have been frogging a lot and knitting less I would say over the last few weeks.  Just to prove my point:
This is a left hand mitten which was done and needed a partner. This is a pattern from Kate Davies, one of my favorite designers, from her book Buachaille.
Th mitten needed frogging as I was not happy with the fit and gauge.  Once again, I frogged and have now casted-on again.  I also added one more color to just jazz up the mitten.  The color is in the braid and will also be the icord bind off.

Frogging, knitting, frogging, knitting . . . never be afraid to frog and make your knitting the way you really want it to be!  As my dear friend always says: "Knitting is not fine woodworking you can fix it!" So frog away and knit-on!


shandy said…
Three colours in one row? That's the pattern, not your knitting.
Like you, we have had very little in the way of snow this year, but we all remember years when the snow came at Easter - bad news for baby lambs!