UGH! No excuse other than it is ski season once again!

Yikes, sorry, my apologies,  . . .  I will try my best to get a post up on what has been going on as Ski Season seems to take off and ski away with me once again!

Galena Ski Race Feb. 16

Done yahoo 1 of the 4 sweaters I knitted this pass year for my niece and her girls.  Mission accomplished all are done and with their owners.
Work  . . . a break for cookies and tea a must!
Ms. Sadie my 5:30 a.m. work out partner catching some more zzzzz's as I work out!
Tally . . . are we going skiing NOW!
Ski Team in Koyuk early March
My girl . . . Sadie!  She is my constant companion!

More later I will post on skiing, knitting, The Iditarod . . . and life out here on the edge!