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Unspun Icelandic Wool: Can you say "Lets FROG more than we KNIT!"

If you go to this post you can read about this fiber/wool called Unspun Icelandic Wool.  Here you can see the start to this journey of my sweater. I bravely casted-on to start a sleeve and right away I found this unspun wool to be very nice to handle and pretty tough stuff.

The issue is the combo of needle size, pattern, lack of bold contrasting colors, and carrying too many colors in a round.  I would certainly say a personality flaw I have is jumping in with both feet, sinking into the abyss and then figuring how to pull my sorry arse out of the huge hole I dug for myself!  I am actually pretty good at this self rescue as I have been doing this for all of my life . . . the old saying of "live and learn" hmmmm!

My Lopi sweater is on hold until my yarn arrives most likely late this coming week.  I will be at a ski race in White Mountain. I hope to arrive home to some more unspun wool for my Lopi sweater.  Knitting always amazes me as I am able to make endless mistakes in k…

Knitting: the challenge completed!

As many of you readers know, I have been knitting sweaters for my niece and her three girls.  They are a wonderful group to knit for as they wear all items all the time. They get compliments and share those with me. They score high on the knit-able scale!

All the gals in this household are now covered in wool of some kind. What did I learn from this little challenge . . . I love knitting Lopi Sweaters! The Lopi sweater/design is a fast, fun knit, with endless varieties of color to play with.

UpDate: Winter

I will be honest this has been a rather crappy winter here in Alaska.  We have not had much snow, stormy weather, or anything that is wintery.  We have been skiing on a 1.25K loop 98% of the time.  How the kids manage to think this is fun is beyond me and how I manage to maintain skiing as fun is beyond me as well!  REALLYgoing around a snow fence since December  and it is now March . . . I give us all a lot of credit!

Back in December I took one of our older skiers an alumni into World Jr. Trials for Biathlon in Anchorage.  This was a big time race for this small time coach but we did have a blast.  Aly did very well and has made huge growth working in a more formal program with skiers her age/level.

I have always considered a ski program successful if once the skiers leave the program that still ski on some level.  I am glad to see several of our skiers still skiing.

Here are some photos from the Trials:

UGH! No excuse other than it is ski season once again!

Yikes, sorry, my apologies,  . . .  I will try my best to get a post up on what has been going on as Ski Season seems to take off and ski away with me once again!

More later I will post on skiing, knitting, The Iditarod . . . and life out here on the edge!