For all of those who stop by for a visit and a read you all know I enjoy winter A LOT!

I love skiing, snow falling down, cold, crisp air, a rich blue sky, the squeak of snow under my feet as I walk to work or run errands . . . and this winter has been an abominable disappointment!  First, it hasn't even really arrived. We have not had weeks of below zero weather, huge drifts of snow or for that matter any real snow.  I think, I can count the amount of real snow falls on one hand.

WIND: Lets talk about wind!  Gosh, we have had bashing noisy endless wind.  We might have a day off from wind and then we are back to endless days of wind.  I know the village we live and work in is supposedly named after the east wind.  There are several naming folklore tales here for Unalakleet. "Where the East Wind Meets the Sea" and a few others all meaning there is a lot of wind here and it blows all the damn time!  However, when you are picking berries in the summer months there is no wind and tons of bugs in your face, ears, and eyes!

Yesterday during ski practice at +34ºF the kids were all way to HOT!  Luckily it hasn't rained yet as that would be the frosting on the wheatless cake for me.  We have a 1.25K loop we use for practice and have been skiing on that basically since Dec.  How does one make a 1.25K loop fun after weeks of skiing it . . . well I am about to run out of ideas!

Cool off time during ski practice at +34ºF!

Really . . . this is January!

Ok so enough belly aching!  Lets leave it to say if you have snow please enjoy it and think of us up here in Alaska with very little snow.  I am grateful that it hasn't rained and we do in fact have some snow to ski one.  I am thrilled we have a lot of skiers. Skiing not only is fun for us but a huge distraction from work.  It gets us out the door almost every day with the dogs and we all enjoy the much needed daily break the outside offers.  If you have snow don't complain, get out and enjoy the good it has to offer us all!