Knitting: Lopi Designs and Unspun Lopi

I just purchased this book from Schoolhouse Press and it is full of Lopi patterns--yes 65 (not all sweaters)!  I have fallen back in love with Lopi sweaters!  
This angle is to show you that the book is THICK and just full of wonderful information and patterns. I am really enjoying the patterns and have several picked out for future projects.
Unspun Icelandic yarn  this yarn is to be added to the 2 colors I have for a Lopi sweater for myself.  I have yet to decided on the pattern I will use, but I have it narrowed down.

"Plötulopi/Unspun Icelandic
Extraordinary long-fibered fleece unique to Icelandic sheep produces the warmest wool we know of. In a single-strand, this unspun wool knit directly from the wheel is wonderful for lace or sweaters. Work with 2-ply for typical Icelandic pullovers, jackets, scarves, hats, and mittens. Or 3- and 4-ply for coats and blankets. Material: 100% Un-Spun Wool Weight: 3 1/2-oz. wheel. Yardage: 300 yds. Approx. Gauge: Single strand: 6 to 7 to 8 sts to 1 inch or  Double strand/2- ply, 3-1/2 to 4 sts to 1 inch."
Here is a review of this yarn and I feel like it is an excellently written piece answering many of my questions.  I am sure if you are interested int his yarn you will find this piece interesting as well.  From A Knitters Review
Another great source on this unspun wool is of course Ravelry 
"This yarn is also sometimes called “unspun Icelandic” and is the yarn sold by Schoolhouse Press.
From Istex: Plötulopi can be worked one, two or more ply at a time, depending on how bulky a yarn you want. Gently wind the required number of strands together into a ball by taking the end from the centre and the end from the outside of the plate, or plates. Plötulopi is very fragile to knit. We recommend the continental knitting technique as it permits control with very loose tension.
Since Plötulopi is an unspun yarn, it is fragile to knit; however, due to the length of its fibres, it knits into a sweater that is both sturdy and soft.
Gauge for 1 ply: 19 sts to 10 cm (4”) over St st using size 4½ mm (old UK 7) (US 7).
Gauge for 2 ply: 14 sts to 10 cm (4”) over St st using size 5½ mm (old UK 5) (US 9).
100% new wool. Unspun yarn, sold by weight as a one-ply, flat round roll, called a "plate".
All I have left to do is to finish knitting up a Lopi sweater for my niece in Rangely yarn which I just love.  I need to pick the Lopi design for my self and cast on!  I will keep you posted as I work with the icelandic unspun wool.


shandy said…
I'm fascinated that you choose natural fibres in your extreme environment - or do you actually wear technical clothing once outside?
knitski said…
Yes, I do use a lot of fleece, gor-tex and various long underwear combos. I often wear 100% wool sweaters as well that are usually store bought due to a finer gauge as a layer. Since it is usually windy here I don't just wear a sweater as an outer layer. I would love to but the wind goes right through. The best way to stay warm is with a layer of wool in the mix.