Good Bye 2015 & Hello 2016!

A new year is always a fun place to start with fresh ideas, goals and challenges.  I love a new beginning, a fresh slate, a chance to move on and leave other items/issues behind.

What I am hoping for is a winter full of snow and already this seems to be a struggle--dang!  We have had temps in the mid to high 30s and how can that be even fair when we live in Alaska.

A bit of a 2015 wrap up here and on to 2016!


This year I knitted these 3 lovely gals each a sweater and a hat.  Two of them received Tomtens.  After knitting two of these great designs my EZ, I decided enough and jumped into a Lopi design for grand niece #3 sweater.  I have fallen back in love with Lopi designs once again.  All sweaters were knitted with Rangely Yarn from Schoolhouse Press. This yarn is not a Lopi yarn but worked great in the pattern I choose for this project. 

This pattern is found on Ravelry and is written by: Sarah Dearne the pattern is called Blossi Icelandic lopi sweater/lopapeysa.
Rangeley Yarn From Schoolhouse Press. This yarn is for the adult sweater I am presently knitting.

Winter Solstice Ski:

We have not been able to do our Winter Solstice Ski or Full Moon ski the last few years due to timing or weather.  This year we were able to get a Solstice head lamp ski in complete with fire, hot chocolate and hot cider.  We had a huge turn out and a lot of fun on skis.


We say good-bye to the shortest amount of daylight for the year here in Unalakleet, 4 hours and 16 minutes! We welcome back the daylight slowly.  Our days are already increasing to 18 more minutes of daylight.


We are back to full on skiing.  I get in 6 practices a week as long as we can cross the slough to get to the Dragon's Back.

Elementary skiers
Alumni back for some training commuting on their hot wheels!

My coaching partner in crime from Nome and I at the World Jr. Youth/Jr Biathlon Team Trials in Anchorage last week.  Notice their vanishing snow!
Here I am home on the range zeroing rifles!
My skier who I was able to join for this event.  Aly did a fantastic job racing at this level!

Good Bye 2015 & Hello 2016!