Goals for 2016

I must admit I like goals/challenges!  I don't need huge goals. I enjoy checking things off a list as a sense of completion.  I am the type that likes to accomplish things and move on.  

Last year my big goal was to go wheat free for the year.  I need to improve upon what I set out to do, but overall I will never go back to present day wheat!  Like I have blogged earlier I am not a 100% purest when it comes to all the "No Wheat and No Garin eating."  I try my best but do need to improve upon this endeavor. I can never explain how great you will feel off of wheat and grains it is amazing to feel so healthy and to have such clear mental thinking!

Goals for 2016:

1. Continue with the No Wheat and No Grains eating, try to eliminate corn especially if it is not organic.  Limit Einkorn as a huge treat once in a great while.

2. Learn more about Wheat Free/Grain Free and eating and improving good gut health.

3. Ski, hike, bike, walk, morning workouts---stay as active as possible!

4. Read more new authors.

5. Keep work simple and be efficient and effective in the classroom. 

6.  Remember it is often best to keep one's mouth closed more often than not!

7. KNIT--one can never knit enough! Fair Isle knitting and Lopi knitting are looking like this years focus for myself.  I have declared 2016 the year I knit for ME!  However, I know this will not be the case 100% but I have some projects I need to dive into.

8.  Certainly not least but be positive and spend as much time as I can with my wonderful husband and our two fantastic dogs!