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Shetland Oo and Life on the Tundra

Shetland Oo wool textiles work is a recently released book by Kate Davies and her husband Tom Barr.  Kate is one of my favorite bloggers/writers, designers, and yarn producers.  I found Kate years ago through a knitting friend on Ravelry.  She suggested Kate's blog and right away I was hooked!  At that time, Kate had recently suffered a stroke and was working her way back from this horrific time in her life.  
I was taken right away by Kate. She was writing about her battle to regain her life and health.  Her world was turned upside down! Yet, Kate was able to grab onto the fiber she loved (wool) and pull herself upright in a new direction.  This was not an easy battle, but I learned a lot from her blog posts.  The key point I learned was never ever to judge a person and their struggle to move at all, but rather to lend a hand or a kind word of encouragement. It wasn't that I was judging people (just having a hard time finding the right words here) but Kate's writing just…

Knit Girls

I have written about the Knit Girls before and here is an update of them in action.  My niece has three girls and they have discovered that 100% wool is the best thing for staying warm.  They were all a bit picky about rustic real wool but I won them over.  When you live in a damp place and off the grid one learns quickly to be warm one wears wool!  The wool for any of the sweaters the girls have on are from one of my favorite yarn shops: Schoolhouse Press.  Hats are knitted with yarn from Polka Dot Sheep my other favorite yarn shop and hat designs from that shop as well.

December Happenings (part II)

Continuation of December 2017 . . .

December Happenings (Part I)

December is a busy time for just about everyone I would say!  Either you work retail, or you need to put on a Christmas event for family or friends or gosh the list goes on . . .  I feel the need to bring you all up to date on my December.  It is time to wrap up the year and look forward to 2017!

Early December I spent being miserable as there was no real snow to speak of and the skiing was not the best.  Followed by trying to get ski gear out to kids, finishing up the semester, and arriving at my Christmas HOLIDAY--- of FREEDOM!

Since this is my Blog I am going to go with a bit of a photo essay post! My goal is to get caught up and current before heading into 2017!