One Year Later: Wheat Free

Back on December 21, 2014, I decided after reading the book Wheat Belly that I would go wheat free for 6 mos.  I thought "What the heck, I could give this a try and of course I would have remarkable results like all the people in the book, blog, and facebook."  Off I went, No more wheat!

What have I learned:

1.  After the first 10 days it is easy not to eat wheat.  I really didn't miss it at all.  I did feel some withdrawals: head aches and moodiness---all minor but it was there.

2.  There are a lot of great blogs out there with some fantastic recipes and other peoples hurdles along the way. 

A few of my favorite sites:

3.  Yes, I have lost about 30 pounds and yes, I have kept the weight off and yes, I need to lose more.  Why I haven't lost more is pretty easy: I eat a bit to high in the carb department and I have not cut out sugar 100%.  I have greatly and I mean greatly reduced sugar.  I don't eat hardly any processed foods.  If it is processed it is organic and not gluten free junk food.

The issue with sugars is the natural sweeteners for the most part, I can not stomach them----basically they all taste gross to me and I hate the after taste.  Stevia is a bit better but I still haven't really figured out how to work with these sweeteners (this shows how low the level of baking I do).  I use organic sugar, honey and I really like maple syrup as a sweetener.  I use far less than a recipe calls for and I am not baking all the time----baked items are a true treat. I figure I can deal with all of this as I still am not eating wheat except for Einkorn more on this.

4. Cooking and baking wheat free is really easy and once you realize it will be different not the same, but good in a new different way you will be very happy about it all.  I love eating foods without a label, eat organic, be healthy and happy it all works far better than anything else I have ever tried.

5.  I live in a very rural place for 10 months of the year.  We have produce flown in weekly and if we can do this anyone can and I AM SERIOUS!  We are  400 air miles from Anchorage---so I mean we buy, pack, ship our food to our home  . . . so yes if you live in a regular place YOU CAN DO THIS!

6.  My husband went wheat free in Aug. I came home and he had a big pile of food from our shelves we called a wheat eating friend to come take it all away.  It is hard to throw out food you paid to have shipped out to you so we gave it away.  He did this as he had stopped eating wheat and had a slice of pizza and could not believe the headache he got.  His science mind kicked in and he said enough!  This certainly makes eating in our house easier.  He does still eat corn, and I try my best to avoid corn.

7. I eat organic popcorn still not all the time once or twice a month max and sometimes not at all.

8. Einkorn:  This is the old original wheat and not modified or anything weird.  In November, we made a pizza with this flour and I ate it!  No side effects other than elevated blood sugar (I assume) but it was a great pizza.  We have used Bob's Red Mill baking flour gluten free----the short of it is we didn't like it at all.  I figure if I am going to eat wheat once in a great while it will be Einkorn only! Am I eating it daily no, weekly no, once in a great while--yes!  We have tried the pasta as well and I am not a huge pasta fan so this is sparingly eaten by me if at all.

I love the wheat free market pizza mix and we use that mostly for our pizza and it is great!  We love a thin crust and it works for us.

9.  Now it has been over a year, am I purist in Wheat Free Living NO!  I am very happy where I am in my eating, life style, and general health. Will I go back to present day modern wheat NO WAY EVER!!!!!!!  I feel so great all the time, I sleep well, my minor arthritis is gone, I have tons of energy and total clarity of mind (this I thought was a ton of bull---believe me the clarity of your mind will blow you away!)

I am so glad I read the books by Dr. William Davis and Dr. David Perlmutter.  I would highly recommend starting with both of these doctors/authors.  I love the audio books as I listen to them when I am working out.  Yes get their cook books, too!

10.  Last but not least: My doctor was very happy to see my drop in cholesterol and weight.  I am thrilled with the health benefits, love that I don't pay $$$ to some group to lose weight, and I am not tracking what I eat. I have taken total control of what I can control in my health! 

Wheat Free you bet! All I can say is give it a try! What do you have to lose a lot and you will gain so much more!

These are about the best photos I can find of my progress.  I spend most of my time outside in a cold place. I am not one for photos of me showing you my fat belly.  I think you can see the weight I dropped even in these photos.

This photo was taken 12/21/14 the 1st day of going Wheat Free.

Photo taken 10/31/15.