Five more days & it is Holiday time!

Life keeps rolling along fast this month and all I want to do is say SLOW DOWN! Five days of work this week and then a long Holiday!  Yahooooo!

It is that crazy time of the school year with general business and the Christmas season.  Class art projects, Christmas music, and glitter.  "How many ornaments can be made out of popsicle sticks!?"  Let me tell you a lot!  This years family gift is ornaments all of which are made out of popsicle sticks---so glad a hot glue gun and pinterest have been invented.


Early season trail work.  We use this palettes as mini-snowfences to help build drifts to groom so we can ski.  This is the top hill above our picnic area.
Ms. Sadie in full winter ski gear.  This combination of harness, jacket and booties keeps her safe and warm.
Tundra trail work
We have been skiing for some time now and I call it tundra cursing.  It is rough but the tundra is not rocky so the skiing is just fine.  Yesterday we started to get real snow or meaningful snow basically it is staying here and we are getting great coverage.  We have some big old super storm rolling our way on Monday and Tuesday.  We will see what we get out of that warning.

Now it is all about getting close to 70 kids on cross-country ski gear and our ski program up and skiing.  I have gotten gear out to about 30 kids so far and today is the ski crazy masses of grades 1-4. On Monday ski practices start and we will be off and skiing until April!

Sadie and I out on the trail having a tea break. Out of the wind at the picnic spot.

Christian with the girls as we head in from a tundra ski.

Our sun is low in the sky these days and we have about 4 hours and 25 minutes of daylight now.


shandy said…
Wow! That looks cold! I do admire you having the energy to go skiing either side of a teaching day when it is as dark as this. But I also remember how wonderful the hols were.