Winter, Lights, & Ski Gear

I am well aware of the fact that winter is not officially winter until the Winter Solstice on or about December 21st every year.  Once the snow hits for me it is winter.  When you live 63.8789ºNorth and 160.7897ºWest seasons come and go at different times.  It is now winter and I love it!

These 2 photos were taken this week on an after work early evening ski.  It is about 5 p.m. The top photo I enhanced to get some light so you could actually see Tally and me.  The lower photo is the actual light at the time.
As you can see here we ski on anything.  My first year out here I didn't  but I know now snow means: ski no matter what!  The tundra plant life is very forgiving and rocks are few and far between.  Gear: Alpina BackCountry NNN boots, and a great pair of Rossignol 70 BC Ski.  I love having a leather lace up boot and a great pair of touring/BC waxless skis!  My favorite set up for skiing here on the tundra.


I love snow and its many forms.  I love the coolness and crispness winter brings to the air. I love watching snow fall straight down. This is a bit of a rare thing here in Unalakleet, so when it happens I really love to take it in and just watch the angels fall from the sky.  I love the peace and quiet that descends on the village with falling snow. The winter blanket of winter is a welcome sight to me!

The other aspect of winter I love compounded by being in the far north is of course the lights!  The Aurora Borealis is nothing short of spectacular.  I love seeing the dancing shimmering lights at night.  Until you actually get to see them you can not truly imagine their beauty.  I often see them on the 5 a.m. morning dog walk.  They arch and stretch out across our sky.  The natives believe they are their elders. I love the notion of the elders watching over us.  If you whistle at them they will move according to lore.  A goal I have this winter is to get our big camera out and go take photos of the light here at night.  I often can look right out my bedroom window and watch the lights.

Below are some photos a ski coach friend took last week from his yurt in a village along the coast north of us.  He had them on facebook and I asked if I could share them as well.  I liked these as these are often the lights we see here green, darting, and swirling across our night sky.

I must say life looks pretty wonderful in his yurt under the light!
This photo is by a local photographer here in Unalakleet.  The photo was taken looking down the slough towards the cannery and the Unalakleet River.