Windless Skiing Always a Treat!

We had a great ski yesterday!  Fresh snow which had fallen straight down and there hasn't been any wind--delightful skiing!  When you live in a place that is named for wind . . . well wind can be a rather big deal here.  Anytime we get gentle snows falling straight down it reminds me of some of my favorite wintery places like: Paul Smith's College in upstate New York, Whitefish MT, forest service cabins in MT, West Yellowstone MT, and once in awhile here but it is rare to have snow falling straight down peacefully.

Another thrill is to be out skiing and run into another skier!  Not many adults ski out here although many adults skied as kids.  Kids ski and we have a ton of them on skis.  After all the years of running a ski program we now will see kids out playing on their skis.  These kids are becoming amazing skiers as the more time they spend playing on skis the better they are on their skinny boards.
Our friend Robin who is an amazing person, art teacher, climbing guide and great ski buddy! With her skijoring partner Kuvi.
Robin like us are  . . . well we love snow and being outside!
We all meet as we were heading up into the hills and Robin and Kuvi were heading back home after skijoring.  Our dogs kind of skijor.  The one in read is actually pretty good.  Sadie in the gray thinks I am nuts!  She will pull me over to ski practice as there are KIDS there but other than that she is above skijoring!
Tally enjoying a chew on a moose head . . . the body parts we find on the tundra are oh so yummy!
Christian heading up to the top of the picnic area.
The background is east of us and really some wonderful country!
The girls and I it was just above 0ºF yesterday.
Such beauties!  Our Ski Dogs! 
Heading back to the village we had to stop and get this photo.


shandy said…
What on earth is "Skijoring"?
Loved those images of the Northern Lights. My father always reckoned to be able to see them from our farm in Northern England, but I have never seen them.
knitski said…
Skijoring in when you are on skis and the dog or dogs are on a line and have harness and they pull you. The skier is not just standing they are skate skiing behind the dog. It is so much fun and a great work out.

I will need to write a post on skijoring!