Tomten #2 is off My Needles!

I have now knitted 2 of these very cute sweater/jackets.  I knitted both out of Rangeley Wool which I really like as a very durable yarn with what I like to call "ganas."  It is real and is long wearing no soft fluff yarn the real McCoy in my mind.

A friend pointed out to me the real issue with this project I threw myself into last winter.  I often do this to myself, and I really need to learn from this personality trait of mine.  Taking on far too much and thinking I can actually do whatever I throw myself into.  Well . . . not the case!  The problem with this very well designed knit is it is so dang boring!  Way too much garter sts!  Two in a row is too much.  I have always loved the collar on this jacket.  I also loved using up some of my stash yarn, I learned how to knit in the round in garter sts., and the issue is me and not the jacket.  I am glad this one is done and I am glad I realized the issue.
I still have 2 more sweaters to knit and they will both be pullover yoke sweaters.  I am thinking the smaller kids one will be a combo of my design and one from Cottage Creations and the other may be "No Bad Weather" which I knitted for myself last year.