November 1st First day of Skiing for 2015_2016 Ski Season! & Wovember

No great surprise if you follow my blog a bit anyone can figure out I really love winter, snow and skiing!  I love being outside in the elements (most of the time) simply enjoying Mother Nature.  Today was the first day skiing for the 2015_2016 season.  Since I moved out to the village of Unalakleet my goal is 100+ days a year on skis skiing.  The last 9 years this has not been an issue at all!  I am sure I will make it again this year.  Often, I close the season around 125 days.  I love this as I have a full time job and am actually a very busy person.  I still manage to get my days in gliding around on the snow.  I am not a killer alpine skier at all just a basic alpine skier at best.  My love is nordic skiing and touring.  I am a classic skier from way back when . . . yes I do know how to put pine tar on the base of a wooden ski and I can use klister too!

Christian with a ton of snow on the base of his ski.  It was a sticky ski today as we had cold then warmer snow and another layer of cold snow.  The end result was over the top kick!

Tundra skiing is actually pretty forgiving as there are not many rocks so skiing on the grass and plants is really very easy on your gear.

Always there is a tea break!  These palettes are our snow fences.  We build drits, groom the drifts and ski on top of them.  Skiing here is a full time love and devotion to the sport---NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING about it is easy!

Heading in after a few hours tundra cruising ski!  I am so grateful to our snow!

We also have a storm a brewing.  We often get a good fall storm with high winds over 45mph, high surf and flooding.  We have something out there building.  I am sure we will get rain and snow and hopefully more snow than rain.  We will just have to see what mother nature is up to the next 48 hours.

Now if you are a knitter you may know about: WOVEMBER!

If you are not a knitter you may be thinking what? Really Wovember oh get a grip!
Here is just a bit about Wovemebr and you can visit the site to learn more:

WOVEMBER is about:

* recognising that WOOL is a premium textile which comes from an actual sheep, and that – as such – the terms WOOL, WOOLLY and WOOLLEN should only be applied to real WOOL and not, for instance, to polyester or viscose.
* celebrating the important heritage and contemporary value of WOOL through our 100% WOOL stories, blog posts, pictures, textiles, and garments.
* educating and informing the wider public of the wondrous qualities of WOOL.
* creatively pushing the idea that the word WOOL should refer to sheep’s WOOL only.
*reconnecting the idea of WOOL to the animals and people involved in its creation and manufacture.
* campaigning for a clarification of trading standards to prevent further misuse of the term WOOL.