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Windless Skiing Always a Treat!

We had a great ski yesterday!  Fresh snow which had fallen straight down and there hasn't been any wind--delightful skiing!  When you live in a place that is named for wind . . . well wind can be a rather big deal here.  Anytime we get gentle snows falling straight down it reminds me of some of my favorite wintery places like: Paul Smith's College in upstate New York, Whitefish MT, forest service cabins in MT, West Yellowstone MT, and once in awhile here but it is rare to have snow falling straight down peacefully.

Another thrill is to be out skiing and run into another skier!  Not many adults ski out here although many adults skied as kids.  Kids ski and we have a ton of them on skis.  After all the years of running a ski program we now will see kids out playing on their skis.  These kids are becoming amazing skiers as the more time they spend playing on skis the better they are on their skinny boards.

Winter, Lights, & Ski Gear

I am well aware of the fact that winter is not officially winter until the Winter Solstice on or about December 21st every year.  Once the snow hits for me it is winter.  When you live 63.8789ºNorth and 160.7897ºWest seasons come and go at different times.  It is now winter and I love it!


I love snow and its many forms.  I love the coolness and crispness winter brings to the air. I love watching snow fall straight down. This is a bit of a rare thing here in Unalakleet, so when it happens I really love to take it in and just watch the angels fall from the sky.  I love the peace and quiet that descends on the village with falling snow. The winter blanket of winter is a welcome sight to me!

The other aspect of winter I love compounded by being in the far north is of course the lights!  The Aurora Borealis is nothing short of spectacular.  I love seeing the dancing shimmering lights at night.  Until you actually get to see them you can not truly imagine their beauty.  I often see the…

Tomten #2 is off My Needles!

I have now knitted 2 of these very cute sweater/jackets.  I knitted both out of Rangeley Wool which I really like as a very durable yarn with what I like to call "ganas."  It is real and is long wearing no soft fluff yarn the real McCoy in my mind.

A friend pointed out to me the real issue with this project I threw myself into last winter.  I often do this to myself, and I really need to learn from this personality trait of mine.  Taking on far too much and thinking I can actually do whatever I throw myself into.  Well . . . not the case!  The problem with this very well designed knit is it is so dang boring!  Way too much garter sts!  Two in a row is too much.  I have always loved the collar on this jacket.  I also loved using up some of my stash yarn, I learned how to knit in the round in garter sts., and the issue is me and not the jacket.  I am glad this one is done and I am glad I realized the issue.
I still have 2 more sweaters to knit and they will both be pullover y…

Kokkeluri Mittens a Kate Davies Design #sevenskeinsclub

Last night, I finally realized I had ENOUGH of Tomten #2!  I wanted to cast-on a wonderful pair of mittens and knit something new, different and not garter stitch.  I dug around in my DPN collection and did in fact find a 2.75 mm size of needles. I went with that size which I think and feel is a tad bit smaller than the US 2.  I may have to frog this one and go down a needle size but I can not tell yet.  No biggie at all to frog in my books it is simply all part of the process we knitters love! I do love this blue which is showing here a bit richer than what it is like in person.

The crochet provisional cast-on is a great skill and actually pretty is to apply.  I have used it before and really don't be afraid of it at all.  I would recommend working it on wooden needles as they are less slippery.

Using a braid is always a treat to me and such a neat design feature.  I am still amazed at how you knit vertically and yet create this nice horizontal look of the braid.  I do like my …

Knitting Update! Food Update & the good ol' Miscellaneous collection of "things"

I keep trying to keep up with the BLOG but I find I run out of time which is a rather lame excuse I know.  I love writing post and sharing photos of my rather crazy world out here on the tundra.  I know a lot of you enjoy it as well as I have a lot of visitors.  I do feel like I need to keep everyone current.  After this post I think I will have all photos up from October and can feel like I have a clean slate.

I love the yarn, the feel of it and the smell!  The colors are great and very rich.  I think Kate has done a wonderful job of putting together a great yarn with some fantastic patterns.  The first item I will knit will be the Kokkeluri Mittens.  I have been wanting a new pair of mittens.  I also wanted something that wasn't to Norwegian and Kate's pattern is the ticket.

November 1st First day of Skiing for 2015_2016 Ski Season! & Wovember

No great surprise if you follow my blog a bit anyone can figure out I really love winter, snow and skiing!  I love being outside in the elements (most of the time) simply enjoying Mother Nature.  Today was the first day skiing for the 2015_2016 season.  Since I moved out to the village of Unalakleet my goal is 100+ days a year on skis skiing.  The last 9 years this has not been an issue at all!  I am sure I will make it again this year.  Often, I close the season around 125 days.  I love this as I have a full time job and am actually a very busy person.  I still manage to get my days in gliding around on the snow.  I am not a killer alpine skier at all just a basic alpine skier at best.  My love is nordic skiing and touring.  I am a classic skier from way back when . . . yes I do know how to put pine tar on the base of a wooden ski and I can use klister too!

We also have a storm a brewing.  We often get a good fall storm with high winds over 45mph, high surf and flooding.  We have so…