The story of Tomten #2 and not enough yarn!

The Tomten which is a design by Elizabeth Zimmermann is a favorite of many a knitter.  I too enjoy this rather brilliant jacket and I am currently knitting # 2 in the Tomten parade.  ONLY, I ran into a bit of a snafu!  I was dead on certain that I had one more skein of this wonderful green yarn upstairs!  The first mistake of a knitter, is one who is convinced they have more skeins of a certain yarn.  Of course I didn't have any more green!  None at all!  All gone! Zip--zero--none!  At which point knitting came to a grinding halt!

Do you see the right  sleeve is all done and perfect!

 The other sleeve had just run out of yarn, done, none, no more yarn!  I thought about making this left sleeve a fun wild crazy striped arm.  Then I stopped and thought this out a bit!  I could frog the other sleeve back use some of that green to knit a bit more on the other sleeve.  Ok, and then add some striping and get this project off my needles.  I am almost done with this sleeve adjustment.

Since running out of yarn is a bit of a topic on this post. Here is a completed pair of socks.  The goal was to use up some PDS DK Yarn.  I purposely knitted them as opposite socks, but ran out of green.  I knew I would runout of yarn but the goal was to knit up socks and use up some of the left over project yarn in my stash.  I now find this a bit funny as I realized those darn greens are the trouble makers here in my knitting!  I used up all the green and blue and tossed in just a bit of what is called fireweed for the toe.  I love this bright little toe as it certainly add a smile to any day!


Lizzi said…
I like the wee red toe - and I would have gone with your first idea for the Tomten. Even though you did a wonderful job.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of originality - it brightens up everyone’s day!
shandy said…
Jacket looks great! Now to see what you do with all that Buachaille! Did you check out the map showing where all the other parcels went? Amazing, world-wide coverage.
knitski said…
I have been trying to figure out why my comments have not been posting and I may have figured it out!