James Herriot

I recently finished reading a kindle book The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father by: James Wight (Alf's son).  I completely enjoyed reading this book.  It brought back so many memories of reading all of the James Herriot books.  I would say these books helped me to become a reader in high school.  I remember reading them all slowly over many years and falling in love with the country side, the great stories about the local people, all the animals and James Herriot himself.

Now some 40 years later, I have reread all his books over the years and am now listening to them.  I have the first two as audio books and will soon be purchasing the rest.  It is a great joy to sit down with my knitting and listen to Christopher Timothy read Alf Wight's writing.Christopher Timothy  captures his listening audience with his wonderful voices of the various characters.  I am always laughing out loud as I remember reading these same stories years ago.

I also have discovered the joy of audio books when I am out walking on the beach or tundra.  It is great to turn a book on on my phone and with out ear plugs I can walk and listen.  I wonder if people see me walking and laughing if they think I am totally nuts!

If you are a James Herriot fan I can highly recommend giving this book a read or a listening too!