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The story of Tomten #2 and not enough yarn!

The Tomten which is a design by Elizabeth Zimmermann is a favorite of many a knitter.  I too enjoy this rather brilliant jacket and I am currently knitting # 2 in the Tomten parade.  ONLY, I ran into a bit of a snafu!  I was dead on certain that I had one more skein of this wonderful green yarn upstairs!  The first mistake of a knitter, is one who is convinced they have more skeins of a certain yarn.  Of course I didn't have any more green!  None at all!  All gone! Zip--zero--none!  At which point knitting came to a grinding halt!

Do you see the right  sleeve is all done and perfect!

 The other sleeve had just run out of yarn, done, none, no more yarn!  I thought about making this left sleeve a fun wild crazy striped arm.  Then I stopped and thought this out a bit!  I could frog the other sleeve back use some of that green to knit a bit more on the other sleeve.  Ok, and then add some striping and get this project off my needles.  I am almost done with this sleeve adjustment.


What can you buy for $10 bucks and 2 moose roasts?

Hmmm .  .  .  not sure?

Not two dogs or a wonderful husband or even an old ski track groomer, but yes a 1997 Skandic snowmachine as they are called out here.  Yes our second old very used snowmachine that we groom the ski trails with was traded for $10 bucks, 2 moose roasts, the lucky purchaser had to haul it away.

James Herriot

I recently finished reading a kindle book The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father by: James Wight (Alf's son).  I completely enjoyed reading this book.  It brought back so many memories of reading all of the James Herriot books.  I would say these books helped me to become a reader in high school.  I remember reading them all slowly over many years and falling in love with the country side, the great stories about the local people, all the animals and James Herriot himself.

Now some 40 years later, I have reread all his books over the years and am now listening to them.  I have the first two as audio books and will soon be purchasing the rest.  It is a great joy to sit down with my knitting and listen to Christopher Timothy read Alf Wight's writing.Christopher Timothy  captures his listening audience with his wonderful voices of the various characters.  I am always laughing out loud as I remember reading these same stories years ago.

I also have discovered the joy of au…

Fall Knitting

"I wonder why we battle with our knitting——a baby sweater should be easy to knit and fingerless mitts should fly off ones' needles .  .  .  but NO!  Amazing how many mistakes and challenges 2 sticks and some string can be——even more amazing is how knitting ever got invented—early knitting must have looked frightful!"

Above is a little piece that I wrote to a friend of mine back in September about our knitting.   There always seems to be an endless supply of knitting mistakes a knitter can make.  I have been knitting over 20 years now and I still mess up and I still find new ways of messing up.

I was knitting a hat and fingerless mitts for a trade.  My niece has a friend who makes wonderful goat's milk soap and has fantastic honey.  This friend also likes my knitting and thus a perfect match for a trade.  I knitted her a Crown Jewel hat which happens to be #6 for the year!  I will say knitting this hat is addictive, fun, and with enough little design features to keep a …