Every year no matter what summer comes to an end and it is earlier for us than the rest of you.  We were very busy closing up our Montana summer just like normal.  I always have to come to with grips with leaving one wonderful place and heading back to work! I can say  my work is in another wonderful place, too!  We drive back and forth from AK to MT I call it the reverse migration as many of you know form previous postings.
Tally really doesn't like the bugs and they her nice tender hide!  Often she will just sit int he back of the rig until it is time to get int he tent.

Meanwhile, Sadie just loves being outside and her downy under layer is a great bug defense.

The drive north has many beautiful views one of our favorites is the AL-CAN highway lined with Fireweed.

This pass summer northern BC and the Yukon had many fires and here is the aftermath.

I always think there is a hidden world under or around mushrooms.

Another campfire a must as camp every night on our trips back and forth.  Once we got into north central BC we could have fires. 

Poor butterfly that didn't make it.  We hit several stretches of road that tons of butterflies.
I love ferry rides and enjoy knitting along with the hum of the ferry engines.

Morning knitting, sunrise, my girl Sadie, and my morning must have coffee!  Also sitting in my new killer cool best every camp chair---Helinox Sunset Chair!  This is an expensive chair with a life time warranty and the best chair I have used or owned! Helinox Sunset Chair is amazing!

A late breakfast on the road with the Helinox Sunset chairs.

Morning fireside coffee with my girl. Our stainless steel coffee mugs are from REI co-op.  I just looked and they don't seem to have this style any more which is to bad as it was simple with out all kinds of buttons and gadgets to break.
We had to stay one night in a mostly RV park and we are tent folks.  I felt a bit out of place and to be honest I was going to write a snide post about RV camping.  I am not a fan of these huge rigs.  However, everyone was very chatty and nice to us low life tent folks.  They are out and about enjoying the beauty of the north and having a trip of a life time for many. 
This is the part I will not understand is the pull into a place plug in and sit inside . . . but everyone has the right to do what they want! 

One of our very favorite spots on our trip.  Village Bakery and Deli in Haines Junction, Yukon.  Yes they do have gluten-free, salads, pizza, sweets and non-sweet items . . . ice cream.  It is a great place to visit and rest from the road heading north or south.

The Yukon is amazing!

Stretching the legs

Tent life with the girls!

Warmed up left overs for dinner

Sadie wondering are we there yet is that Alaska?


woolyjooly said…
good tour back up - I want your life (and dogs!) ~ knit a lot, be well ~ from Julie in MN
woolyjooly said…
Good travels! Thanks for posting your photos. I want your life! (and those dogs--sweet. . .)
knitski said…
Thanks for the comments! Our dogs are wonderful, despite rolling and eating dead birds from last spring hunt yesterday! One of the hidden joys of tundra life!