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Ice and Snow

Yesterday September 18th we had ice in the puddles!  I was up at 5:00 a.m. walking the dogs like all work days.  We had stellar northern lights the last few nights. I heard there was a large magnetic storm thus the great lights.  Talk about being lucky as I can look right out our bedroom window and often watch the lights.  I love seeing them dance and shimmer across the northern night sky.  

This morning the official first sighting of snow for me this year is September 19th.   We have groppel or graupel.

For those of you not familiar with this term here you go:

Graupel(alsosofthail), a solidtype of atmosphericprecipitation in theform of opaque,white,frostedsphericalpelletswith a diameter of 2–5mm.Graupelparticles, in contrast to snowflakes, do nothave a discerniblecrystallineform.Theyarecreated by coagulationprocesses (seeCOAGULATION OF CLOUDELEMENTS) as snowcrystalspassthroughcloudscontainingsupercooleddrops of water.Uponcollision,thedropssettle on thecrystalsandformsnowlikepellets.Grau…

Alaska Fall

As you would imagine Fall starts well before the Fall Equinox here in Alaska.  When you live this far north life is on a different time scale.  Right now it is moose season and most the natives in the village are out hunting a moose.  This makes for a quieter village which I do enjoy.  Fishing for salmon has mellowed out as well and berry picking is slowing down unless you are after cranberries.  The cranberries this year are bountiful, huge, and every where on the tundra.  We have had a frost but only one and the temps are mostly 40ºF at night and still hitting the 50ºF during the day.  We have not taken the full plunge to a serious fall yet.  The tundra is a glow in its fall blanket of yellows, oranges, reds all heading to browns and greys soon.  The fall is fast and quick here as the changes just jump out at you from day to day.

Shopping Every year before we return to village life and work we have to shop in Anchorage.  This event is not one of my favorite things to do but it is a…

Blog Update: This is going to be a long one . . . get your favorite beverage . . .

I have come to the realization and I have known this for some time but I really enjoy Twitter and my blog far more than FACEBOOK!  Instead of posting stuff directly to the FB I figured out that if I write a post on my blog first this way I will stay off the dread FB!  I also will not let myself just click on "LIKE" I have to write a reply if I am going to add some communication.  Like is not an option for me any more.  I am off my soap box!

 I need to post lots of photos that I wanted to posted and then forgot about.  Once work starts back up I get behind and I am going to try to change that!

This photos should have been posted before the last post but oooops!

Knitting This summer I knitted five yes five Crowned Jewel Hats.  A friend of mine designed this hat about 10 or so years ago.  I finally got around to knitting this great hat up this summer.  I fell in love with the pattern and of course who doesn't enjoy knitting with Noro Silk Garden.  The two hats at the botto…