South-Western Montana--Spectacular Country!

We recently went on a trip to the south-western part of Montana.  Amazing country!  We stayed in a few more forest service cabins in some of the most beautiful country ever.  One certainly gets very spoiled living in Montana and then you find yet another hidden treasure . . . under Montana's Big Sky!

This little gem of a cabin is called Beaver Creek and we love this place!  However, this is the first time we have ever seen it in summer!  We have been coming to this cabin since the early 1990s.  There is great backcountry ski touring out of this camp, hiking and mtn. biking.  In the winter you have to ski into the cabin 5k.  In the summer you can drive all the way in to a wonderful little cozy home.
Yes there is wildlife there and that would be a big ol'grizz print.  This area has one of the highest concentrations of grizz.

Great mtn. biking and look at that view!

We love this place and each other and our lives!  Grateful for it all!

Over the years to stove has been replaced and the outhouse has been updated.  The inside of the cabin is still in great shape and very basic just how we love it!

Poor Tally is a magnet for mosquitoes!
Tally has various mosquito hiding devices!
Knitting away on the recently completed Crown Jewel hats all five are done and should be arriving to their new home as I type.
Tally and her boy . . . these two are pretty much inseparable!
Biking down through an old burn area.

The loft and bunks.

The next cabin we went is called Black Butte and this cabin is in a wonderful area of Montana.  It is remote, high elevation, and spectacular country.  We will be heading back tot his spot again I am sure!

High open alpine is one of my favorite eco-systems!

Sadie loving her time exploring the flowers and open spaces.

This little spot would be perfect for a little cabin for me to hide out in for the rest of my life!

One of our meals at Black Butte.

Yes still knitting on Crown Jewel hat project!

About 9,700 feet biking slowing but biking.

Stellar little place!

These 3 photos are all Indian Paint  Brush but look at the color difference.  The red is the most common I would say, followed by upper lefts orange and then yellow.  I have never seen the yellow in north-west Montana.  I will keep an eye out for it now.

Lichen I am always enthralled by lichen.  This vibrant orange caught my eye.