Forest Service Cabin Rentals

We spent a few nights up at McGuire Fire Look Out earlier.  (Earlier in July) It was during our hottest weather here in north-west Montana this summer.  Being up higher in elevation helped, it was still really hot for us winter folks.

McGuire is an older look out and was built in the 1920s.  It is not in the best of shape and really needs some TLC.  It is located in a gorgeous spot and the views are unreal!  One can see into Glacier Park and the Cabinet Mts.  The trail that leads to the look out is in great shape and was just a perfect 2.5 mile hike.  I have not carried a full back pack in years----nice to know I can still do that easily.  There was tons of broken glass around the look out which we spent hours picking up.  The inside of the look out is as bare bones as can be which is fine, but the forest service should get up tot he cabin and do some maintenance to keep the look out safe and its guests. 

My FIL (79 years old and a great outdoors man) volunteered to haul water in for us.  There is a stream/spring and the water was low but we were able to purify it.  Our dogs carried their own food and water which helped a lot.  They had Mountain Smith dog packs which fit well and did the trick.
Sadie and I enjoying the endless views from McGuire.

Tally and Christian
My FIL enjoying the view.  I can say he has honestly seen most of Montana either on foot, skis, or a motorcycle.

Early morning in the look out

Chef Christian cooking dinner and the ever hopeful Ms. Tally waiting!

The look out has a lot of windows, but they don't have any screens.  Our secret to getting rid of the bugs is to use in-scents to drive the creatures out! From this photo one can see it is a cute LITTLE place!

Morning coffee with a buddy and view
Knitting . . . I am always knitting.  This is one of the many Crown Jewel hats I have been working on this summer.  In fact they are now all done and heading to the post office once this post is done.
I would get water into a smaller bottle and Chrsitian purifies the water using a Steripen.  This is by far the easiest purification device we have ever used over the years.  The purified water was poured into a larger bottle for camp.
Here is the spring which is about 1/4 of a ml from the look out down the trail we walked up.  There is another spring but we couldn't locate it.  Here we are in the water purifying routine.

Naps at camp are always a treat! A little smoke to de-bug!

Tally the dust bunny dog.

McGuire Look Out

Knitting in progress
I never tire of Lupine and I always think of the story: Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

We did have some fires burning way off in the distance in Canada which gave us some rather dramatic sunsets.