Bliss-On . . . I am so grateful!

A few blissful moments from my summer so far.  Summer has a long ways to go and we still have a lot of future adventures on our plates! I love to relax and who doesn't?  Some people do find it difficult to slow down and relax.  I have no issues with relaxing at all!  I am so grateful to a husband who lets me relax to my hearts content!

Ok who doesn't enjoy a hammock in the shade? The added bonus of knitting amongst my flowers . . . bliss on!
The huckleberries are getting ripe as I type.  Due to our lack of rain they may not be as juicy as years pass.  It is usual to find ripe berries in mid-June but they are certainly ripe and ready for picking.
Lunch out on the picnic table---fresh organic produce!
A fun summer knit for the fall!  The Crown Jewel is a great pattern and can  be bought at Knit ' N Needle here in Whitefish, or ordered online through Raverly.

Christian has been working on the raspberry patch as I knit and relax.

Sporting my new apron at the grill.
Theresa paddling up the Whitefish River on a very hot +90s day.  We spent about 2 hours cooling off . . . bliss!
R & R
Tally cooling off on a hot afternoon.
Morning light on the trees . . .

Two Crown Jewel hats done 2 more to go!

Hay! Late June early July the first cutting of hay occurs.  It is usually always hot, dry, with threats of thunder showers.  The hay needs to be cut, dried, and bailed before rain. 

Nice old thermometer still can tell me it is too hot!


Lynn said…
It all looks so wonderful and so beautiful. No wonder you Bliss On all day!