Yearly visit . . .

Doing what we love to do: Knit, visit, drink tea and as we will say now Bliss On!

This was the 3rd year we got together for the annual visit.  Lynn and I became friends up north in the rural village we found ourselves working in years ago.  She was able to retire and head south with her family, and now we make a commitment of getting together in person each year.  It was my turn to head over to her home and visit her surrounding landscape of endless wheat fields.  This is a bit ironic sense I have given up wheat!  However, there in all its green glory was WHEAT! 

We of course had coffee, tea, knit time, along with nice walks to view the farm land that eastern Washington is famous.  I was able to see Pullman and Moscow, plus some smaller communities.  Moscow won me over!  I loved the tree lined streets, their wonderful co-op, and their quaint down town shops.

We were able to go on this great hike up Kamiak Butte such amazing wheat field views!

As far as the eye can see wheat!

Jenny was a great trail companion!

More shades of green wheat.

The smiles say it all!  It is always such a treat to have time with Lynn in person!

Endless . . . wheat

Before I flew out and back home to Montana, Lynn and I went to the coop one last time.  Once back in Alaska there is nothing at all like this in the village so it was time to indulge a bit!  Time to eat, visit, sip coffee (which by the way is wonderful), and of course knit!


shandy said…
I love reading about your epic journeys - and seeing the astonishing scenery!