UFOs, bugs, camping and relaxing on the Southward Migration

If you look closely you will see a black ring in the sky.  A UFO?  We think it must be a gas leak or carbon in the sky above the oil fracking area in Canada?? Ideas??

Our car camping set up to stay dry in BC.

One dog can deal with the bugs better than the other!

Trees with leaves and after the tundra what a nice break.

Our friend   . . .
We flew out of the village and into Anchorage for a few days of running around before starting our 8 day drive to Montana.  Our reverse migration trip went well.  I think the biggest difference from last year to this year was the general temperatures we encountered.

Last year’s drive through the Yukon the lakes were still ice covered.  This year those same lakes had people swimming in them.  The Yukon was dry with forest fires already burning.  Northern BC had fires and extremely dry weather as well.  Central BC and south, we saw more rain and far more snow in the mountains from the ice fields to the border.

I jokingly call this my BC retirement village!  This Powder King Ski area and I just love the look of this remote ski mecca!
Jiffy Pop popcorn is just fun to have and once you learn the right technique it always comes out great over a fire.
The deal is a leather glove and vice grips!
Mount Robson such a stellar peak!

Hot Spring:

We stopped in Miette Hot Spring just outside of Japser, Alberta for an over night in one of their cute cabins.  We were able to get in two great soaks while looking at the towering peaks.  Like all older cabins, they tend to be a bit dark inside but other than that the cabin we stayed in was cute and fun to relax in after days of camping.
Cute little cabin at Miette

I love this little door,

a small wonderful door to

the inside wood box for

a wonderful fire!

Columbia Ice Fields: 

This part of our trip we only do on the way south as there is less traffic and tourist.  We stayed at the campground that I used when I was ice climbing long ago in the 80s.  I have a special attachment to this little rustic campground.

Over all our drive was great with the added bonus of slowing down and relaxing in each others company with the girls.

Setting up camp in the Ice Fields

Socks with PDS Sport weight yarn

I am always happy in a tent.

Knitting away with a great fire . . . bliss!

I am always drawn to lichen.

Ice Fields

My Canadian Friends
Now we are home and just loving life . . . down south for a bit!

No bugs

Grass, flowers, soil, warm spring temps

A nice variety of flowers from Columbia Falls Nursery.

Time to fire up the grill

Morning bike rides on my favorite bike trails in and around Whitefish.  This is one of my favorite bridges on Whitefish Trails.

Bridge through the trees with early morning light


woolyjooly said…
Wow! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Envious of all the natural beauty you've enjoyed recently. Nice socks, too!
knitski said…
Thank you! We had a great trip and one can never get enough of being outside in my books. One sock is almost done I am decreasing the toe.