Bliss On! BioHaven Floating Treatment Wetlands

I have so much to write about I am not even sure where to begin!  I am opting to start with my latest discovery around my home.  I just think this is so cool and very interesting!  About an hour ago, DH and I were walking "the girls" when we noticed floating islands in the park pond.  I didn't notice them on this a.m. dog walk, but the pond now has islands.  There are little shoots of plants growing out of them, ducks with their young, and even a pond turtle sunny its self on the island.  WHAT?  Where did these islands come from and most important how dang cool!

I love my home in Montana and I am for ever GRATEFUL that I get to spend my summers here on HOLIDAY!  I really mean, I am grateful and I never ever waste my time here.  It is like Knit On for those who know what that means.  My dear knitting friend and I have now coined the term Bliss On-----Bliss does sum up my holiday!  So my pond discovery in just one more blissful moment during my summer holiday.

Here are some of the floating islands.  They are also anchored to the pond floor.

The island in the background has some ducks on it and a turtle on the upper left corner.

This hand out explains the BioHaven Floating Treatment Wetlands islands.

Here the BioHaven has been covered in burlap.  There are holes in the floating BioHaven. Those holes are currently being planted with grasses and plants
Selection of plants and grasses that will be planted soon.
This trailer has the large BioHaven pads that are waiting to be planted and placed in the pond.

This photo is upside down to be able to read the tag.  Which means the island is upside down!  However, the holes can be seen before the island is covered in burlap.