Wheat Free--Never Felt so great!

My wheat free experiment is still on going and I am feeling very good about it all.  I have a hit a bit of a plateau.  I am sure this has to do with a few things going on at this time of the year.  The first would be a switch from x-c skiing every day to walking now that the snow is gone.  Also having to many carbs, and this is the next focus for me is reducing the sugars.  I find the sugar part more difficult as I really can not stand the sweeteners out there that are "natural" and I really can not even deal with the fake sweeteners.  I have yet to wrap my mind around this part of not eating wheat and the high carbs of sugars.

I feel great, lots of energy, a clear mind and aches and pains although they were dull are gone from my life.  I really can not thank Dr. William Davis enough for his work.  I find the whole not eating wheat to be easy once you get over the initial 5-10 days.  I am still going strong and have been so happy with my efforts and the results.

I know when June 21st arrives I will not be going back to wheat nor will I even give it a slight try!  I am wheat free, pain free, energy enriched---who could ask for more!  Although, this is not a weight loss program but a health enriching way of life, I am -30 pounds and holding!  I do need to drop more weight as I am not at my BMI goal range yet.

If you are interested in this approach you can view the books my Dr. William Daves at his blog.  I would start with Wheat Belly first.  On a side note the cook books are great and I would say a must!