Tundra, Tea, Lichen

I just love walking on the tundra!  In the spring, the tundra is still on the frozen side, so it isn't quite the work out it can be later in the year.  I always call it the "tundra stair master."  You never know what your next step will be like or just how far you will sink into the lush tundra flora.   Today, the girls, Tally and Sadie, and I had a great walk about 9ks from the village out to the tundra and hills.  The dogs get their usual run and always seem to find bones to chew on which they love and I get rather sick of at times.   "Parts" as I always say are really very abundant in this part of the world.  Which makes for happy and often stinky dogs.  Today's walk started under thick clouds but by the end of the walk we had clear blue skies.

Pussy Willows are out in full force now.

Tally watching over the tundra she is always on alert.

There is always time to take a break, sip some time, and enjoy the view.

Here is a link to various Alaskan lichen.  I really enjoy seeing lichen it always seems like there should be little elves & gnomes running around in a secret world.  This is lichen is often called British Soldiers or its scientific name is: cladonia bellidiflora lichen.

Worn out dog 1.

Worn out dog 2.