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Aaaaahhhh Holiday Time!

I love the word Holiday far more than vacation!  I am now on Holiday and will not be back working until Aug.  The only goal I now have is not to waste any of my holiday time and to take advantage of every moment!

Tundra, Tea, Lichen

I just love walking on the tundra!  In the spring, the tundra is still on the frozen side, so it isn't quite the work out it can be later in the year.  I always call it the "tundra stair master."  You never know what your next step will be like or just how far you will sink into the lush tundra flora.   Today, the girls, Tally and Sadie, and I had a great walk about 9ks from the village out to the tundra and hills.  The dogs get their usual run and always seem to find bones to chew on which they love and I get rather sick of at times.   "Parts" as I always say are really very abundant in this part of the world.  Which makes for happy and often stinky dogs.  Today's walk started under thick clouds but by the end of the walk we had clear blue skies.

Wheat Free--Never Felt so great!

My wheat free experiment is still on going and I am feeling very good about it all.  I have a hit a bit of a plateau.  I am sure this has to do with a few things going on at this time of the year.  The first would be a switch from x-c skiing every day to walking now that the snow is gone.  Also having to many carbs, and this is the next focus for me is reducing the sugars.  I find the sugar part more difficult as I really can not stand the sweeteners out there that are "natural" and I really can not even deal with the fake sweeteners.  I have yet to wrap my mind around this part of not eating wheat and the high carbs of sugars.

I feel great, lots of energy, a clear mind and aches and pains although they were dull are gone from my life.  I really can not thank Dr. William Davis enough for his work.  I find the whole not eating wheat to be easy once you get over the initial 5-10 days.  I am still going strong and have been so happy with my efforts and the results.

I know when…

Spring Tundra and a Bit of Knitting

Spring is here and we have made it through the worst of the muddy season and now dust seems to have arrived.  It is a bit dryer than normal here which I do have concerns about.  Alaska's fire season has started already.  We have a fire season in spring into early summer up north.  It is really amazing how fast the tundra can and does dry out.

School is almost over just 5 more days after today and I am soooooo looking forward to my break!  I love my job but as a long time teaching friend told me years ago, "Teaching a years worth of worked packed into 9mos. you deserve a free summer to rest and to get ready to jump right back into the classroom again."  I could not agree more!

I have turned in my skis for my hiking boots.  I am out on the tundra almost every day walking with "The Girls" as I call the dogs.  Soon that tundra will be bursting with green plant life.  The temperatures have hit the hi-40s and have broken into the low 50s.  The tundra is not freezing …