Wheat Free-Wheat Belly

For some time, I have secretly laughed at the Wheat Belly book that I would see in airports when traveling.  I thought  to myself give up bagels . . . what the heck now we will attack wheat too!  UGH!

Last summer my husband's doctor suggest he read the book Grain Brain.  Of course he didn't read it and of course I did read it.  I found it interesting, a bit to much science for me at times, but I thought oh my no way could/would I give up all this stuff! (Wheat, grain, sugar, carbs  . . . )

Fall of 2014 came along and I needed something to read.  This Wheat Belly kept showing up on my Kindle as a suggested read.  Wheat Belly was on the NY Times list and I am sure many other reading lists. I would read a few reviews and skip right over it.  I must of have been desperate for something to read that wasn't violent and full of weirdo characters.  I figured a safe topic would be Wheat Belly.  A non-fiction read would be great and I could find out what this was all about finally.

December 21, 2014: I decided to go wheat free for 6 mos.  I figured if I could go wheat free and do this little experiment on myself then I would make a decision about this whole Wheat Free movement.

I have tried Weight Watchers for years and then a APP for counting points.  This APP was like Weight Watchers only free.  I had some success with this approach, but not the level of fitness I was after.  I cross-country ski well over 100 days a year.  I bike, hike, and paddle board during the summer. I get out every day but still it never looked like I was as active as I am.  I recycled the same 15 pounds every year between winter my lowest weight and summer time my highest weight for about a decade.  This is when and why I decided to try something completely different!

Living in rural Alaska has its food disadvantages.  We fly in most of our food in Aug.  We order a lot of food items through Amazon and have a box of organic produce flown in once a week.  Our (2) stores have food which is a bit expensive and honestly a lot of it we never ever buy or eat--think highly processed microwave food!  Enough said!  Going wheat free isn't a huge deal but we do have some limiting factors and planning ahead is key!  I guess my point is if I can do this out here anyone can do this any place where you can easily drive or walk to a store/health food store.

Ok----have I lost any weight?  I have lost 28 pounds since I have started.  I am on no medications and never was on any medication.  This would baffle the nurse at the doctors office at every yearly check up!  I am not sure on the inches but let it be said a pair of pants I could not zip now have extra room in them!  All my clothes fit better with extra room.  I feel great!  I sleep well but generally always have been a good sleeper.  I am not hungry all the time.  I eat a meal and for the most part am done eating.  Sometimes, I find myself thinking I need to eat more but I feel full sooner than I have been used to and realize I am done---just stop eating! I have more energy which I was never to low on but now I have even more!

Will I go back to wheat NO!  I won't at all!  I have not cut out all the grains or sugars as Wheat Belly suggests.  Why . . . I love popcorn once in awhile and I am sure will keep eating this once in awhile.  However, I will be switching to an organic popcorn once the other has run out.  Sugar---this is an issue. I tried stevia and the one I have right now I don't care for the after taste at all.  There is a stevia that comes in an orange box and I think that one tasted better.  I just wish I could go to a health food store and taste test the sweeteners.  Right now if I bake something I cut back on the sugar a lot! I use an organic white sugar. 


shandy said…
I just love the zest with which you approach every aspect of your life - or so your blog suggests! I keep thinking of your epic journeys to your summer place as we travel to our second home at the other end of England from where we live.
knitski said…
Thank you! Your blog is lovely with all the quaintness that I always think should be in the UK. One day I will have to get outside of Heathrow Airport! I would love to do some walking trips one day.